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Book Three in the Amazon Best Selling Evolve Series by S.E.Hall, Entice can be read following Emerge, Embrace and Entangled (novella) or as a stand-alone.

Sawyer Beckett does everything full throttle— he’s fiercely loyal to his friends, always the life of the party and impossible for the parade of women in and out of his bedroom to forget.

Surrounded by true love and happily ever afters, Sawyer’s not sure if he’s enhancing the what-ifs in his head, or if the goddess on stage that night really is worth the search and nagging in his chest.

At the most inopportune moment possible, Emmett Young comes “skipping” back into his life…and for the first time, Sawyer is the one left wanting more. But Emmett can’t give her heart; it’s already committed—for life.

The only one strong enough to bring the elusive playboy to his knees is the one he can’t have. Luckily, Sawyer Beckett doesn’t give up easily.

Mature subject matter and strong sexual content- mature audiences only recommended.

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Entice Teaser

ExcerptSighing, I wrap a towel around my waist and open the door, ready to try and be at least behave cordially, which I know is only right. “Listen, can I—”

“She’s gone.”

I look up, startled by Laney’s voice and even more shocked to see her sitting on my bed. Thank God I put on a towel. “Where’d she go?”

“Home, I guess.” She shrugs. “I didn’t ask. I heard the front door slam and got up to see what the hell was going on. Since you’re here and she’s not, I’m assuming it was her.”

How did I not hear the door slam? Not that I would’ve chased her. “All right, she left. So what’re you doing in here?”

She stands, grabbing some shorts off my floor and throwing them at me. “Go put those on and we’ll talk. Since I’m up,” she reminds me with an evil glare.

I head back in the bathroom to change, and stay in there, locking the door and taking a deep breath. I’m over six feet tall and lift almost every day, but yes, I’m scared to face Laney. Not only is she a hellcat when she wants to be, but I don’t want to see the disgust or disappointment in her eyes. She’s one of my best friends, even more so after becoming roommates, and her opinion means a lot to me.

“Get out here!” she yells when she finally realizes I must be stalling. “Take it like a man.”

I might as well go out there or she’ll undoubtedly come in here, kicking in the door or taking it off the hinges in what I have no doubt would be less than five minutes.

She pats the bed beside her when I open the door. “Come sit down. We’re doing this now.”

I hesitantly take a seat, my knee bouncing as I wait for her to speak.

“First, and of the utmost importance, you know I call my father ‘Daddy,’ so hearing your visitors scream it repeatedly in the middle of the night freaks me out. I wake up thinking I’m in some bad Lifetime movie.”

Fighting my smirk, I agree. “Okay, got it.” Maybe this little chat won’t be so bad after all.

“Second,” she stands and tucks my extra pillow between the headboard and wall before sitting back down beside me, “on school and game nights, booty call curfew is eleven. That work for you?”

“Yeah.” I sigh and run my hands along my head, wishing I had some hair to pull. “It won’t happen again, Gidge. I’m sorry.”

She places a hand on my shoulder with a small smile. “Don’t be sorry. This is your house too and we hadn’t talked about it. Now we have, so we’re all good. Any rules you want to put in place?”

“Nah, I’m easy.”

“Made crystal clear by the parade of women coming in and out of here.” She laughs and scoots away quickly, ducking the pillow I grab and swing at her head. “Speaking of which, been busier than usual lately—you trying to make a little Guinness or Gonorrhea?”

Here we go—this is what she really wants to talk about. It was a nice segue, funny even, but I’m on to her.


Entice (Evolve Series #3) 5 Star

Okay this was phenomenal. I knew I liked Sawyer from book 1. He is crass, strong, in your face, it is me, hear me roar and all man. LOL And it was high time Sawyer got a little bit of what all of his crew were getting someone to love and someone to love him back and as he liked to say about all his guys someone to make him “whipped”. Okay really more than that Sawyer needed a woman who could handle him, his moods, his attitude (it is a very strong one), someone that could handle ALL of him – tee hee.

I have a different handbook; feel free to follow along.

I’m built, It’s not ego, just a fact, So if I can’t touch the sides, the elasticity in that thing is shot Ben Wa, kegels, duct tape, and electrical wire be damned – there’s no hope, sweetie. Buy a double-wide dildo and a lifetime supply of anti-depressants and wait till some unlucky bastard’s too drunk to care.

For the rest of you – guess what the fact that I’m packin’ means? I can feel, or not feel, the ripples, the natural quivering in the lining of your p**** that you can’t make happen anymore than you actually get off. So save the fake screams and use your big girl voice to tell me left, right, up or down instead. There’s a 100% chance, I will come by the time we’re done, and since you went to all the trouble of letting me in, you should get yours, girl…no shame in that game!

It never ceases to amaze me, really. A woman in the passenger seat won’t shut the hell up. It’s all “turn here, slow down, stop and ask.” but she’ll fake her way through mediocre sex, unfulfilled, and never say a word. What is that?

Like I said he is loud, proud and crass. He has no shame in his game. LOL all his friends know he is a slam, bam, thank you ma’am kind of guy. That is until he see’s Emmett. And then this big, huge, scary, run for the hills when you see him in a dark alley man comes undone.

Emmett is like no woman Sawyer has ever met, she is tiny, even on her tippy toes she doesn’t come near to being face to face with Sawyer. Heck she can’t even put her arms all the way around him. But she is scared, she is hurt, and in her mind she is damaged, and because of that she gives our boy Sawyer one serious run for his money. Mind you Sawyer ain’t no choir boy – he has a past and he sure was one of those guys who never stayed in one place too long when it came to women.

But as much as Emmett turns this big tiger into a cub, Sawyer brings safety, peace and love to Emmett.

Sawyer kisses are a whole body experience; consuming, like one ember quickly turns to wildfire. Somehow, with only our mouths connected, he makes my whole body feel like part of the act. Not one muscle in me hasn’t gone lax, every inch of me his all at once. “More,” I beg into his mouth. “Sawyer, more, anything, please.”

“Oh, no,” he tilts my head back further, making me listen, “there is no way you’re rushing me. I will take my time on every single inch of you.”

If that’s not the best argument I’ve ever heard in my life, I don’t know what is. “Show me,” I grunt as he pulls on my hair, “show me everything.”

Now I will tell you all this is one of the milder moments because when Sawyer and Emmett get down to it they really fog up a room, steam up the windows and make you turn the AC real low. LOL my man Sawyer can make a building shake lol he is so animalistic – ROAR!!!

I knew from reading the first three books that this book was going to be fun to read. The first three had me laughing a lot and yes crying and ohhh and ahhh’ing. But this book. I could not stop laughing I swear that Sawyer, the mouth on him just never stops. The things that go through this mans head… As he says “if I could bottle this” my sides hurt at times from laughing so much.

Of course then my heart cried for what Emmett had been through, for all that she wanted but was so afraid to reach out and grab for fear she would open her eyes and it would all disappear. She feared that hoping would cause what she was getting, what she was tentatively touching would pop like a balloon. And Sawyer, even after learning her secret, wanted nothing more than to love her completely and everything she brought to the table.

They both have their moments in this book and yes I wanted to shake both of them when they did. More so Sawyer when he had his because he was being one seriously, huge WIPE at that moment. But they work it out of course, takes a little more time when he has his moment because he really dug it big when he did his.

Yes I gave this book, a 5 star because as much as I love Lane and Dane (aka Daney – lol), Evan and Whitley, Tate and Bennett and Zach I absolutely adore Sawyer and Emmett and Alex (read to find out who that is). My only one critique would be the ending. I don’t know if it was because it was an arc and maybe a page or two was missing or if the author was making it so she could add more because it sure does leave me wanting more. I mean our man Zach needs his HEA too doesn’t he??? 🙂

No really if you haven’t read the Evolve Series by S.E. Hall yet I do not know what you are waiting for, why are you still here reading this – scootch your little butts on over to wherever you purchase your books and get to reading because these books are hot.


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S.E.Hall resides in Arkansas with her husband of 18 years and 3 beautiful daughters. When not in the stands watching her ladies play softball, she enjoys reading.

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Emerge (Evolve Series #1) – 4.5

Oh I did not want this story to end. I just absolutely love Laney and her innocence. And Evan what a guy, always there for her, loving her when she didn’t even know it and then finally getting his big chance. And Dane, who couldn’t fall in love with this adonis. Heart of gold, rich but doesn’t flaunt it and caring. And the other characters in the book Sawyer, Tate, Bennett and nasty Kaitlynn among others. The author does an outstanding job of unfolding this story, bringing you into Laney and Evan’s innocent world, and building you up to when they go out into the world on their own, trying to hold on to each other while they do this. This story of young love, innocence, heartache, betrayal, trust, growth and happiness really drew me in.

‘ I’ve never imagined this with Evan, it’s never occurred to me to even dare hope what he felt for me was more than a protective best friend. Good thing, I would have done the fantasy no justice. His thumb brushes my bottom lip and I realize… I could be swinging a bat, casting a reel, and driving a truck all at the same time, but I’m still 100% woman.

I think I speak out loud. “Are you intimidated, Evan?”

He leans over, touching his forehead to mine as he takes a deep breath. His nose brushes along mine, his whisper on my lips. “Not anymore, I’m done with that, and I’m done with not kissing you. All you have to do is say no, precious girl. But please, please….just say yes.”

Ah sweet innocent young new love, that is exactly what Evan and Laney share. For years Evan was always there for Laney, and to Laney he was just a guy, but her best friend, and now they were exploring more. It was so sweet watching them explore and grow and learn about each other on this new path for them.

Of course something always seems to happen and their plan to go to college together is sidetracked. Laney makes things easy and they go back to being friends in hopes of neither of them hurting each other, but silently hoping he will always be hers and vice versa.

Then it happens Laney and her college roommate join in on a college tradition and meet what become Laney’s best friends while roaming from room to room meeting people. Of course among those are the ever gorgeous Dane, Tate’s little brother.

“I was telling Laney and Bennett here that you can’t stand to be away from your big bro.”

Dane turns to us, and Good Lord…I hope their parents are breeding professionally because they’d make a fortune! If big brother is hot, then little brother is illegal, immoral, and too damn pretty not to be a girl. This guy seriously belongs on the cover of “World’s Sexiest Reason to Drop Your Panties.”

WTF? Where did that come from? It may be the dirtiest thought I’ve ever had and I feel vulgar that it crossed my mind. But seriously, you’d have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to notice this guy…or a lesbian.

Nope, pretty sure a lesbian would at least do a double-take.

And welcome to college – OMG hello Dane!!!! I knew right then Laney was in trouble, that Evan had competition, and that this story was going to get really good and I could not wait to turn the page and see what happens next.

The path that Dane and Laney take has its ups and downs, like a roller coaster. Gosh I give Dane credit for his patience and his honorable ways. Not many men would behave how he does with Laney and I was so taken back by that and very impressed. Laney has a past, a closet, but don’t we all. She has built up walls, pretty thick ones, and never realizes just how amazing she is, but everyone else see’s it.

“I will never kiss another man’s girl…but you’re not his, Laney. You’re not mine…yet. But you’re not his, either. So the way I see it, you’re kissable.”

I say nothing. I just open my eyes and look into his; if he can hear my yes in that, he can have my kiss.

“Last chance, Disney. Once I get a taste, I’m coming after you with everything I’ve got.”

I couldn’t say no right now if I wanted to, I can barely breathe. His words are so sexy; they stroke every part of me. He leans into me and I close my eyes.

“Open your eyes, Laney, look at me. Make damn sure you know it’s me kissing you, and don’t you ever hide from it.”

Oh my that is hot and tender all in one. I was like “GO LANEY GO” and “YEAH DANE YOU GO BOY!!” LOL, yeah yeah I know that means I have chosen a side but hey what can I say he won me over too. LOL Okay I know, Evan, and I felt the angst that Laney goes through, not wanting to hurt either guy, what she felt for Evan, what she is feeling for Dane, that internal battle, that tug-o-war. Tough position to be in, especially when you are so new to the big world.

All I can say is you have to read this to find out who she finally chooses, to find out what happens, there is so much to this story beyond Laney, Dane and Evan, the relationships with all of the friends and characters in the story. There are tear jerkers, tense moments, tough decisions, heart wrenching moments and so much more.

Now I am off to read book #2  (Embrace)





Embrace (Evolve Series #2) – 4.5 Stars

Okay if book one “Emerge” was good well book 2 just gets better, like wine with time. I kid you not. The whole “Crew” is back with one addition Evan. Yeah okay at first it doesn’t start off to good, okay no, it starts of bad, really bad. I was really worried there for a bit. Okay not really I knew Dane and Laney were golden but my heart sure was aching for poor Evan and his broken heart and having what once was his and now someone else’s in his face all the time now.

But wait here is the thing even though I have finished book #1 “Emerge” and now book #2 “Embrace” I still can’t get book #1 out of my head. Okay just wanted to throw that in there.

This book has all the same laughter and emotion as the first book. With new territories being discovered, new romances blossoming, old friendships being rekindled and new ones too. Past secrets unraveling and love abounds.

I absolutely LOVED what Evan does for Whitley in this book – I mean OMG it was so beyond original but so touching and sweet and okay yeah I had tears in my eyes, happy tears of course. And what Parker and Hayden do for Evan and Whitley took my breath away and yep had more happy tears in my eyes.

And of course Dane and Laney always so flipping amazing I just absolutely love their relationship, the ups and the downs and how no matter what each one pulls through for the other. And Laney OMG that girl – lets just say do not tick her off because it is more than a bat she will be swinging.

There is one part in the book that had me laughing out loud while the girls are at the “K” club (Dane’s club) I just had to share it if you read book one and read this one you will get the biggest kick out of it.

“Um, Whit, do you want another drink?”

“Yes, do you?”

“Sure. Brock?!” I yell, the large man appearing instantly. “We need another drink. Would you prefer I go to the bar and get it or do you want to do it for us?”

Saves a lot of arguing if I give him choices.

“Stay. I’ll get it.”

“Dane’s pretty protective of you, huh?” Whitley asks.

“Very,” I nod, “But I like it. It makes me feel important and safe. Just wait, Evan will be the same way with you, He’s a little sweeter about it, where Dane’s all caveman, but same theory.”

LOL I was laughing so hard – yes I know you may not get it here but trust me if you read the books you will and its just too darn funny.

I never laughed, cried, oooh’d, aaah’d so much it is like book one and two just flowed together. The author has done such an amazing job. Now I am off to read “Entangled” more about the amazing Dane and Laney and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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Entangled (Evolve Series Novella 2.5) – 4.5

Okay again S.E. Hall has done it again with this one. I never laughed so hard in my life in this novella. Dane and Laney had me busting up. I literally couldn’t put this down and finished it in less than a day it is that good. The crew is back, they are fixing up new places, continuing to build relationships, going to weddings and creating amazing lives for themselves.

I love everything about the place, from the long list of things that need to be done to those which are only necessary to make it mine. As we wander from room to room, my excitement spills over and I start to tell Dane my ideas.

“I think in here I’ll paint it softball yellow and then draw red stitches all along the top, like a border.”

“I think that’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard,” he groans, backing away from me as he says it – good idea.

“Don’t hold back Dane, tell me what you really think.” I cross my arms over my chest, because he just lost his boob ogling privileges with that comment.

See what I mean and this is one of the tamer things that will make you outright laugh, serious belly laughs with tears at times too. Don’t get me wrong there are some super amazing, super tender, super romantic moments in here. And there are a few tense moments too. But wow S.E. Hall really brought Laney and Dane to a new level in their budding romance.

“I love you, Disney,” I whisper in her ear.

I tell her as often as I can without feeling like a sap. Hell, I’d tattoo it across my forehead if she asked me to. She needs to know that even though one look at her turns me into an animal and I’d like to f*** her paralyzed, she means everything to me on every other level as well. If I could never make love to her again, I’d still want all that makes Laney, “Laney” to fill my days.

See what I mean Dane has it bad for Laney lol but oh man can I just say I love this man and he can buy me flowers any day (Not Saying Anymore on that topic no giveaways lol) Dane is so perfect for Laney and is so good to her. He gets a gold star in my book. I love how one moment he is teasing her and the next he is showing her passion beyond her wildest dreams and then they are back to teasing and having fun. And when the serious moments come, and they do, they are both there for each other.

Oh can I just say one of my absolute most favorite parts of this book (besides how amazing Dane is and how jealous of Laney I am lol) is the sex toy party that Laney and Bennett attend. I won’t say any more than that but YOU HAVE SO GOT TO READ IT. The party part is a riot but the conversation between Laney and Dane afterwards topped the charts in grabbing my side laughter meter. LOL

Another great book – now off to read the newest book in this series Entice – all about Sawyer oh I can’t wait that big lug deserves a good woman to settle him down. LOL (Review is at the top of this post)

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