Sexy Alpha Billionaire – Curvy Kinky Girl – Can She Tame Him ~*~Personal Review~*~ Fire & Ice by Kari Wray (18+ Read)



TITLE – Fire & Ice
SERIES – The Drake Legacy
AUTHOR – Kari Wray
GENRE – BBW Billionaire Erotic Romance
PUBLISHED – November 22, 2013
QUICK NOTE – Erotically Hot!!!!

When curvy college graduate Cassie secures an interview at one of the top property developers in the city it seems too good to be true. But little does she know that her life is about to change forever.

Hopeless in love, unfashionable Cassie is forced on a last-minute makeover by her best friend Lauren and on the day of the interview stumbles headlong into the path of Xander Drake, the CEO of the company. He’s devastatingly handsome, unimaginably wealthy and – Cassie can’t quite believe it – interested in her.

But how far will things go between them? And who is that icy-eyed man in the white suit who always seems to be following Cassie around?

Soon this everyday girl next door will find herself entangled in a web of lies and intrigue, animal passions and carnal lust. Because without realizing it, Cassie Lawrence has become a player in a much larger game of power, greed and corruption … in The Drake Legacy.

Fire & Ice is the first part of a trilogy. Book Two: Caleb’s Web is out now! Book Three coming May, 2014 …

Publisher’s Note: This is a 32,000 word novella, or about 120 printed pages (roughly half a full length novel). It contains extremely erotic content, concerning a sexy alpha billionaire and the curvy, kinky girl next door who tames him. It is intended only for readers aged 18+. You have been warned!



Fire & Ice by Kari Wray – 4 Stars

This was a short fast read, but a really good book. Cassie is looking for a job and is interviewed by Xander Drake, the head of a really big company, that she can’t seem to find out much about (the company or the boss) when doing a Google search. Right away she has the hots for him. Nothing like the hots for the boss to stir up some bedroom and shower fantasies – oh yeah!!!. I mean after all this man is one seriously gorgeous man. Even during the interview she is turned on. Oh yeah I loved that I was giggling, imagine there you are fantasizing about the boss as he is interviewing you, um I am sorry, what did you say. LOL

I liked how secretly she wants him in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE. But the vibes she gets from him are the “friend zone” vibes. Oh how I remember those vibes all too well. LOL

Cassie’s friend Lauren is a hoot, and she has it going on. Telling Cassie what she needs to do, to go after Xander, helping her get ready for something big, yeah I love her, what a friend she would be. Listen to her Cassie, she knows what she is talking about. Because if you don’t I am coming to steal Xander for myself.

Just as things start to look up and steam up between Cassie and Xander in comes another hottie Caleb. Wow always a twist in a steam sexy love book. At least the twist is good looking. And trouble is a brewing for sure.

Both Xanders hot head and Cassie’s insecurity cause both of them to do stupid things. Of course Caleb appears to be the winner winner chicken dinner because of it, but just when you think you know what is going to happen, the author throws a kink in the story and you are headed in a different direction.

Now let me tell you this book has some really nice hot steamy moments and it is very well worth the read. It is short, and it is a very fast read. And the end is a cliffhanger, but not the kind that pisses you off, its good because it sets you up for the next book “Caleb’s Web” and I have a feeling Cassie is going to bet stuck in his web. I am hoping that Xander can break her free though. I can’t wait to find out just what happens.


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