“Have you got any Aussie in you?” ~*~Personal Review~*~ Flatter Me by Rene Folsom (Erotica 18++ Read)


Flatter me

TITLE – Flatter Me
SERIES – Roommate Romance
AUTHOR – Rene Folsom
GENRE – Erotic Romance
PUBLISHED – January 6, 2014

** Flatter Me is an erotic romance short story for ADULTS ONLY! This novella is roughly 17,000 words and contains sexual situations between a female barista and three hot Australian men.**

Laney knows her life is boring, and now that it’s a new year, she’s looking forward to letting go and giving in to some of life’s simple pleasures. When three men with sexy Australian accents walk into her coffee shop, spouting cheesy one-liners in some desperate form of flattery, her New Year’s resolution is put to the test.

It figures that, through several amusing come-ons, she finally finds Trevor—a perfect man who just so happens to be unattainable due to his temporary status in the states. Laney’s days turn into a mixture of carefree desires and tough decisions, causing her to question what she truly wants from life.

Will her passionate heart be able to handle the likes of Trevor and his mates? Maybe. How about when she knows there’s the promise of something more to come? Now that’s more like it.



FLATTER ME by Rene Folsom – 4.5 Hearts

‘He had a confidence I’d never seen in a man before. Like he knew no matter what he asked of me, I’d say yes in a millisecond.

I held my breath as he caressed my cheek with his fingertips, causing my eyes to flutter closed momentarily.

“Laney?” The sound of my name from his lips, along with that delicious accent, made everyone and everything around us nonexistent. His big, blue eyes were a stark contrast to my own dull green irises. “I’m going to kiss you now.”

His words came out, not as a question, but as a warning. He planned to take what he desired, and it was no surprise I wanted him to. I couldn’t wait to find out what he tasted like.’

Ohhhh that was one hot and tender yet intense moment right there and as always Rene’s wonderful way of teasing you in the beginning, and saying lookie here just a wee bit of what is to come. Flatter Me is Rene Folsom’s next amazing story in her Roommate Romance series.

This book has me grabbing my side and busting out laughing at these three hot Aussie men with their adorable one liner pick up lines when they enter the coffee shop where Laney works. “You look very lost right now, do you need me to find you?” OMG I think I would have just started laughing right then and there but props to Laney for holding it together. These guys were down right gorgeous and have those sexy Australian accents to boot. What I wouldn’t give to work in that coffee shop.

“Hey, Laney?” Have you got any Aussie in you?” His question confused me because we’d already told the stories of where we were from. Then it clicked. Both his friends started with pithy little one-liners, and he was trying to be a funny bunny. I decided to play along.

“Not yet,” I responded with a wink.

His smile broadened with my willingness to be playful. “Well, would you like some?”

“Did you think I invited you over here for tea?”

“Wait. You have tea?” Smacking him on his chest, I rolled my eyes and pushed him away from me.

WOW, I absolutely loved that, the playful banter between the guys and Laney is charming throughout the entire book. And this right here just leads into even steamier, sexier scenes. R+++ Rated scenes LOL but oh so good.

I just absolutely loved the one line zingers throughout the entire book. Rene really changed it up in this book and I found it refreshing. Of course adding men that are sexy with accents what girl just doesn’t go weak in the knees for that? As Laney says ‘His voice is like sex on a stick.’ I could listen to an accent like that all day long.

Oh for those of you who like Lollipops I think Rene does too. There is an awesome reference to them in this book. I won’t spoil it for you but get ready it is priceless. Awesome book as always Rene.


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