Open Letter to Bullies

Open Letter to Bullies.

MY RANT – It breaks my heart to know that an amazing author will be no more because of low life pathetic, worthless pieces of dung who have nothing better to do than bully an author. And why, what for, what do you gain from it, does it make you feel better. How the hell can you sleep at night, how can you look at yourself in the mirror it is pieces of crap like you that make our world worse not better. So you don’t like the person, so you don’t like the book – grow up, move on and find a book or person you do like, don’t make it your life mission to ruin someone, to destroy their life, their hopes, their dreams. If you are a hater know that we are going to fight back – you are not wanted around – your services wont be needed – don’t even bother signing up on any of my book tours – Sarah if you ever get back online and see this know that there are many out there that love you way more than you can possibly imagine!!!!! Don’t lose the faith. – Tonya.

FYI Sarah will be removing all of her books off Amazon – if you haven’t read them yet they her Flowering Series is on sale for $0.99 right now. Please get a copy, support her before she pulls them all – show her how much those of us who really are bloggers & tour organizers for the right reason support her, show her there are those out there that will buy the books and not return them to be mean, buy her books today. Sadly we wont be able to read Ambrosia which was the next one in the series 😦

Forget Me Not –

Lily of the Valley –

Star of Bethlehem –

Orange Blossom –

Blue Rose –

She has many other books which you can find here –

Open Letter to Bullies.


2 responses to “Open Letter to Bullies

  1. I agree totally. It is so sad that people have to bully and hurt others to make themselves feel better. I love Sarah and have all her Flowering series.


    • Hi Starchaser thanks so much for commenting and I agree I love Sarah too and I also own all her Flowering Series books. My heart aches for her – for what these people have done. It makes me so angry. She didn’t deserve that, no author does, no person does.


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