“I’m not a bad guy, love…..” ~Review, Teasers, Trailer, Soundtrack & Giveaway~ for L.P. Dover’s “Intercepting Love” (A Second Chance Standalone)



Both have what she wants … but only one has what she needs.


Working with professional athletes and helping them recover from their injuries has always been Kate Townsend’s dream, but after an accident left her scarred and heartbroken years ago she refuses to let what happened in her past happen again. Staying focused is the key, as well as not letting her feelings interfere with her job … no matter the circumstances. All of that is easier said than done when not only one, but two men crave her healing touch, igniting every single desire she’s denied herself for so long.
Cooper Davis, NFL’s star quarterback and most eligible bachelor, packs up and leaves his home to move across the states to the East Coast after an injury results in the embarrassing trade to another team. Bitter from the pain, he deals with his problems through drugs and alcohol—almost ruining his football career—until he meets the one woman who makes him want to feel; the same woman who refuses to give up on him no matter how many times he screws up. He has to have her, and he’s not going to stop until he makes her his. Especially, now that someone else threatens to take her away.
Motocross champion and local bad boy Luke Collins never takes no for an answer. For the past four months he’s used his charms to get what he wants, and now he’s so close to getting the girl of his dreams … if she’ll give in just once. One time is all he needs, and he’s never been known to fail, but he’s also never had to fight for a woman’s affections. Only one man will win their way into Kate’s heart, but which one will intercept the other and take what they want? Which one will she choose?

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Excerpt 1: 
We pulled into the parking lot of the practice field and I shut off my car, the tension in the air crackling like fire. When I turned to look at her, it was like her stormy gray gaze could see right through me. There were a shit ton of things I wanted, but nothing as much as leaning forward to kiss those lips of hers.
With her breaths coming fast and low, she licked her dry lips and shook her head. “Cooper, we can’t.”
Bending over the center console, I glanced down at her lips and murmured low, “Yes we can, Kate, and I’m going to make sure we do.”



Excerpt 2: 
Taking my elbow, Cooper guided me to his car and opened the door. “I’m not worried about your brother, Kate. I’m not going to do anything to you unless you ask me to.”
“Like what?” I asked coyly.
Shielded from view by the car door, Cooper leaned in and brought his lips closer to mine, opening them slightly. I couldn’t move, but then again … I didn’t want to. Instead of kissing me, he murmured across my lips, “I’m sure you’ll figure that out when the time comes. If you want me to kiss you, I’m not going to do it until you place your soft lips on mine first. If you want me to touch you, I’m not going to unless you beg me for it. It’s all on you now, love.”



Excerpt 3: 
“In your eyes I see exactly what I want. You’re not here with me because of my money or because of what I do. You actually see the people you’re around and the goodness inside of them. That is what gives me hope.”
“Hope for what?” I asked breathlessly, mesmerized.
He brushed my hair away from my face and smoothed his thumb along my jaw. “Hope that one day you will see in my eyes what I see in yours. There’s a craving deep inside of you that I can see each time I touch you. It burns brighter every single time. I’ve never seen that with anyone, and that is how I know I have a chance.”



Excerpt 4: 
“You don’t have to worry about him making the moves on me, Luke. He said he wouldn’t touch me unless I asked him to. I think we’re both safe.”
Placing his hands against the wall, Luke trapped me in and murmured in my ear, “Hmm … he’s better than I thought. You know he’s just playing games with you, right?”
“Everyone plays games in their own way, Luke. Even you do, but it’s not going to change anything,” I told him.
“Good,” he murmured huskily. “Although, I’d have to say that’s where me and him differ.” He trailed his finger down my cheek and past my neck to my collarbone. “I’d be afraid you would never ask me. That’s why I have to take what I want until you tell me no.”



Excerpt 5: 
Finally, Cooper gazed up at me, his eyes red and pained. “Please tell me you forgive me for this, Kate. You know I never wanted to hurt you.”
“I know, and there’s nothing to forgive,” I whispered, tears falling down my cheeks. “I’m so proud of you for pushing through it. I know it wasn’t easy.”
Nodding quickly, he got to his feet and pulled me over to my bed, holding my hands gently in his. With his weary gaze on my wrists, he thumbed the bruises gently and murmured, “Do you want to know why I don’t ever want to hurt you? Why it kills me that it was my hands that did this to you?”
“Why?” I whispered, holding my breath.
Sighing heavily, he lifted his gaze and placed both hands on my cheeks, wiping away my tears. “It’s because I love you, Kate, and people aren’t supposed to hurt the ones they love. The last thing I want is for you to hate me for what I did.”



Review – Intercepting Love by L.P. Dover (Second Chances Series) – 5 Stars

O.M.G. the prologue grabbed me and sucked me in instantly. No lie I was outright crying at my desk at work and I don’t have a closed in office, no my main wall is a window so everyone sitting out in the center can see me. Yep big strong tough mom blubbering at her desk. LOL I knew right then that this was going to be yet another amazing Second Chance series book by L.P Dover.

Kate is headed back to her home town to do her hospital rotations, her brother got her a job with the football team he is on once she is done. But before it even begins tragedy strikes her life. Now she is doing her job and there are men-a-plenty. Will she get her second chance? You have to read to find out. You all know I don’t do spoilers (okay often anyway lol)

Just a little teaser

Clearing my throat, I bit my lip and reached for my bag. “In fact, Mr. Collins, I’d say you’re more than ready to start racing again. However, I humored you and stayed on for an extra two weeks per your request.”

Luke grinned and moved closer, wrapping his arms around my waist from behind. I tensed at first, but then melted into his touch. It had been so long since I’d felt the arms of a man around me. Was I stupid to give in to him when I knew it wouldn’t mean anything to him?

Closing my eyes, my skin broke out in chills as his warm breath tickled the side of my neck and even more so when his dark chuckle echoed in my ear.

“Oh, I know you knew, sweetheart, but I wanted to have you all to myself for a little while longer. The agony of having your hands on me and not being able to do anything about it was the best f****** torture ever. It makes me jealous to think about your hands all over those football players,” he said, his voice just a whisper in my ear.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

As I got to reading this story and it began to unfold I was so excited to see characters in this book from a prior Second Chance series book. And so glad that this particular character “Cooper” whose heart was broken in said prior book was getting his “Second Chance”, even if he had competition “Luke” and had a lot to overcome and was going to have to fight for it. Isn’t love always worth fighting for?

The chemistry between Cooper and Kate was electrifying right from the start. Sparks flew from the moment they met. I kid you not I swear I heard my Kindle crackling from it. And their first encounter – EXPLOSIVE!!!!!

Of course, Kate’s past continued to haunt her, my heart broke for her, for what happened to her in her past, nobody should have to go through that, or live with that horrible memory. But more than that, to be harassed and threatened by something you truly had no control over. I so wanted to climb into the pages of the book and kick some serious butt. But I left all that up to Cooper.

I absolutely got a kick out of two grown men doing the mine is bigger than yours act to try and win the affections of the beautiful Kate. Lord that was just amusing to watch unfold. Biker Luke and football star Cooper – beating their chests, caveman style. LOL epic.

L.P. Dover has done it yet again, she has this uncanny way of pulling on your heart strings, she starts ever so slowly so you really don’t see it coming and them BAM she yanks them and before you realize it you are bawling like a baby. Coopers story does that to you, his past, opening it up to Kate, wow, the vulnerability and pain. Very touching moment.

I love that she has included such real life situations, the story isn’t just a made up, happy go lucky, life is just a bowl of cherries and full of roses. No there is strife, pain, addictions, loss, and yes tenderness, caring and love. You feel every emotion when reading this book.

The story comes to life as each page unfolds, there is no gap, no lul, no scratching of the head because something is missing. It flows perfectly and as things unfold you find yourself so deeply entrenched you don’t even want to get out, you become part of the story, a silent observer, wanting to yell out, to hug and laugh with them. These are the kind of stories I love to read.



Intercepting Love Soundtrack
Me and My Broken Heart by Rixton
Story of My Life by One Direction
Not a Bad Thing by Justin Timberlake
Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum
Chokehold by Adam Lambert
I Need Your Love by Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding
Pony by Ginuwine
Together by Demi Lovato & Jason Derulo
All of Me by John Legend
Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran





LP Dover Pic
USA TODAY Bestselling author, L.P. Dover, is the author of the Forever Fae series, as well as the Second Chances standalone series, and her NA romantic suspense standalone called Love, Lies, and Deception. She lives in the beautiful state of North Carolina with her husband, her two wild girls, and her rambunctious kitten Katrina.
Before she began her career in the literary world, L.P. Dover spent her years going to college and then graduated to cleaning teeth, which she loved doing. At least until the characters in her head called her away. She has never been the same since.


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