~~Personal Review~~ Distant Desires (Part Two) by author Cambria Hebert

Distant Desires 2 BOOK INFO
TITLE ~ Distant Desires Part #2
AUTHOR ~ Cambria Hebert
GENRE ~ Erotic
RELEASE DATE ~ June 29, 2014
# HEARTS ~ 5 Exploding Stars

As The Cover Says – This Is Truly Beyond The Stars!!!!

This is PART TWO of the Distant Desires serial series.

An erotic tale from beyond the stars

Sophie Perez has never believed the stuff she reads online about possible life in space. Aliens are for the movies, for the weirdoes, and they most definitely are not real.

One night on the way home from a late shift at work, her car breaks down. Stranded on the side of a country road, with a dead cell phone, doesn’t seem like that big of a deal.

Until strange neon lights appear in the sky. She thinks it is her imagination.

When an inexplicable circular ship appears overhead, she can’t deny what’s clearly right in front of her. Especially when moments later, she’s taken onto the ship, a human hostage among those who are most definitely not human.

About to become a human guinea pig, possibly worse, the last thing she ever expects is to like the things these otherworldly beings subject her to. In fact, it is unlike anything she’s ever experienced.

Will Sophie find her way back to her planet, or will she beg to stay where her pleasure is literally out of this world?



Distant Desires – Part 2 by Cambria Hebert – 5 Shining Stars

I turned on my Kindle once we got to softball practice (for my daughter of course lol), opened up my chair, kicked back and went to reading. This book was so good not only did I not hear a single conversation between the parents I missed most of practice. I say most because I read this book during the 3 hour practice window, only I finished it before practice was over. It was that good, it sucked me in and never let go. And to be honest I did not want it to end. I know, I know, there is a part three coming, but still, I don’t want to wait to find out what happens to Sophie and Tarek. And OMG if all Sapiens look like Tarek can I have me one too???? LOL

Part two starts right where part one leaves off, which I love, there is no missing parts, no gap in the story. We come right back to the shocker that was at the end of Part One. And Sophie’s reactions and how Tarek responds. Up until now everything has been about Tarek’s experiments with Sophie, but I sure did love the turn the tables on you moment. WOW that was an epic scene up there in that hover craft. I am sure a few circuits were fried during that little episode.

What I really loved was the jealousy, yes jealousy. Just when you think there is no hope for this alien, jealousy pops its ugly little head. But oh man it is so funny. When Tarek appears in the bedroom and there is Sophie and Matt – OMG to be a fly on that wall to see Matt’s face when an alien appears. Bwahahaha epic I am sure. And like Sophie every time you want to get mad at Tarek for something he does or says, how he explains it afterwards has you melting (in more places than one) ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

The changes you see in Tarek brought on by Sophie are really good, you can see how he struggles too. All his life he has only know the Sapien way of life and then along comes Sophie and what he never experienced he now does. Of course I am left to wonder will he fight for them, for ALL of them or will he do what he said he was going to do and in the end rip her heart out (in a manner of speaking not like for real of course lol).

What I would like to see happen —– well hello!!!! An Sapien, Earthling Happily ever after of course….. It could happen right????






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