~~Personal Review~~ Bite & Release by author Cory Cyr


This is my personal 5 star review for Bite & Release

This is the first book I have read from this author and OMG I can’t wait to read her other book Reviving Haven now.

I have to say this book really showed me something. I have always told my daughter there is no way I would ever be a cougar. Okay let me give you a little back history (quickly) we were staying in a hotel in Orlando for a softball tournament for my daughter, needless to say so were a whole bunch of very young, very hot, muscle bound, nicely built, tattooed men who were minor leaguers for the Astro’s in for training. Well as we were walking in a group of 5 of them were walking out and they started to chat with me, yep with mom, these 20 something’s were talking with this 40 something, (okay 47 I won’t lie lol) and if I had a camera, no a video camera of the look on my daughters face Funniest Home Video’s would be paying me that $10,000. Yep jaw wide open, drool coming out and complete and utter shock that they were talking to mom the 47 year old and not the daughter, the 17 year old. I mean after all she is fit, young and beautiful (I am totally biased lol) she was like OMG mom they were hitting on you – go for it. Thus my comment I am so not into the whole cougar thing but I am so into looking at and eye devouring hot, young, built, tattooed, gorgeous men LOL.

Well this story is similar. You have the older woman and the younger guy. But there is a lot of back story in this one. There is a lot of hurt, pain, twisted agony and love. Deep seeded love. And it just grabbed me. I fell in love with Andrew aka Shea (of which I will use here out) This man was gorgeous on the outside and one amazingly endless tattoo to die for. But broken and angry inside. Then there is Ryan, ran away from home to make something of herself, leaving her past behind because for her it was a horrible life.

Ryan comes back home when she learns of her father’s death, but not just because of that, she is running, running from her current life. Married to Garrison a man who abuses her horribly and every time she tries to escape he finds her. But she knows he would never think of home, she detests home, loathes it, so she knows she can be safe here even if for a little while. What she doesn’t expect is her reaction to Shea. The little boy she used to babysit, who would get on her nerves and even went so far as to bite and mark her for life has turned into a walking wet dream. No lying there ladies. Hell look at the cover and then read about Shea and you will know I am telling the truth. I would become a cougar for this guy. LOL

Well Ryan battles those feelings, how can she possible be anything more than a friend with Shea, she babysat him for god sake, he is so much younger than her. Little does she know Shea made a vow when he was 8 years old, and that vow never went away. And he was going to do whatever it took to make her his. Not in a bad way lol but OH MY MY in a good way for sure. Like I said I would become a cougar for this guy.

They both have a past, they both have hurts, they both have demons, but when they finally get together it was like they were meant to be together forever. Of course, what’s a story without some struggle and they have them. There are some real back woods twists in this one and I was screaming OH MY GAWD NO THIS CAN’T HAPPEN. And then OH MY GAWD LET ME KICK THAT BIOTCH CARRIES ARSE.

The side characters Trina and Quinn are amazing, Trina and Shea’s mom is a real piece of work. Lord what that woman did and was doing to herself. Then Carrier the disgruntled “ex of sorts” girl – always one of those around isn’t there. And then there is Garrison. I won’t say who he is you have to read but let me just say. This man needs to be castrated. Plain and Simple!! ‘nuff said…

I was laughing through this book at Ryan’s constant inner struggle, and aweing when Shea would tell her how he felt and ohhhing and fanning myself during those special scenes yeah you know the sex ones. LOL and constantly cheering them on. I love a HEA and yes this book has one. A very good one.

Okay off to buy the other book now I really have to read it. It just might make me re-think my cougar thing ROFL.



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