Become A My Family’s Heart – Social Butterfly

Butterfly Hearts

What is that you ask – we are putting together a team of Social Media lovers. People who love to get on social media and promote authors. We would love to have you become one of our Social Butterfly’s.

Each week we would send you Tweets & Blasts to use on all forums of social media. It would be an entire weeks worth for you to share whenever you are online as much or as little as you would like. Minimum requirement of each item for that week being shared at least once on your social media platforms that you use. Of course Twitter and Facebook are the main preferred as those are the two most widely used. But Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, BlogLovin, Tumblr, 4 Square, Instagram and whatever other ones you can think of.

The idea is to help spread the word of the amazing authors that book tours with My Family’s Heart.

And other cool thing about being a Social Butterfly for My Family’s Heart – SWAG!!!! yep, each month those that participate will be entered into a drawing for the monthly swag giveaway 🙂

So sign up today and become a My Family’s Heart – Social Butterfly

Tonya & Victoria
My Family’s Heart



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