Tonya’s Personal Review of Blank an Adult Paranormal short story by author @CambriaHebert

BLANK – by author Cambria Hebert

My name is Vance, and I work for the United States government. And that’s all I know about myself.

Every other detail about my life, my friends, about me is blank.

I have no idea how I ended up stranded and unconscious in a war-torn country or how Rachel managed to get me back to her tent. But I’m here, and so is she. All I have are literally the clothes on my back.

But when her emerald eyes look at me, I feel like I have more.

I feel like being blank might be a gift. I feel like maybe it’s a relief to not know who I am for a while.

We get one night together. One night of pleasure I know I will never forget.

And then I remember.

Sometimes reality bites.


My Personal Review – 4.5 Stars

Vance – sexy in all the right ways, but a mystery in all the rest. On a secret mission with a secret team when the unthinkable happens.

Rachel the too thin but beautiful stranger with the media who for a time helped when there was no one to fill in the blanks.

Hypnotizing violet eyes hold secrets that Rachel knows nothing about but and neither does Vance. But if anyone did find out they just may not live to tell about it. As Vance struggles to try and remember what he senses he wonders if he really does want to remember. What happens when these two spend one night together? What happens when the next day comes?

I absolutely loved the book, well all but the ending – lol talk about leaving you hanging – really Cambria – you’re killing me. I sure hope there will be more to Vance’s story, I hope that we will get to “fill in those blanks…”

The chemistry between Vance and Rachel is off the charts. I mean hello hot stuff, I think people at the softball field could hear my kindle sizzling from the heat these two were putting off. I LOVED IT!!!!!

This is a super fast read, like an hour tops type of read. But Cambria manages to pack one heck of a punch of a story within the pages of this book. It is good, very good. The only thing that kept me from a full 5 stars. That darn cliff ender… LOL

Awesome job Cambria








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