*~*We Have A Question!!!! – Can We Borrow Just 2 Minutes Of Your Time??*~*

Hey everyone so as you know 99.99% of our authors are females that write Romance of some sort, Paranormal, Fantasy, Erotica, etc. We have had a few self help, true story types. One didn’t go so well the other did fairly well, better than I expected it to do. But to date we have had I believe only 3 or 4 male authors book at our. So question. We wanted to extend an invite to a few male authors because hey come on they need their books noticed too right? Would you be interested in hosting a male author’s book on your blog (Military action adventure, sci-fi, time travel, fantasy, mystery, suspense) and would you possibly consider doing a review.

Depending on the results from this questionnaire we may extend 5 invites to male authors to do a free 3 day blast to see how it goes and we would like your input on male authors you would be interested in reading. Keep in mind they need to be indie authors.

Oh and this is completely anonymous no blog information is required at all.

Thank you,
Tonya & Victoria

Please give us 3 suggestions for male authors you would love to see have a tour with My Family’s Heart. Use the contact form below. We are not requiring name or email address to be filled out so if you wish to be anonymous just list your authors. Thanks everyone.


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