*~*Sign Up For Recombined (The Irrevocable Series) a Romantic Suspense, Mystery, Dystopian by Samantha Jacobey

Hey everyone hope you had an amazing weekend – We are highlighting this tour today as we believe you would be interested in participating in this tour. We just had the reveal so of course we can share the cover with you now 🙂 Check the schedule if you haven’t signed up and can fit this one in we would love to have you on the tour. If you can fit in a review that would be awesome too. Thanks – Tonya & Victoria

♥ (7 Day Tour) – September 1st – September 7th
♥ AUTHOR – Samantha Jacobey
♥ TITLE – Recombined
♥ SERIES – The Irrevocable Series #2
♥ GENRE – Romantic Suspense, Mystery, Dystopian


Recombined - CoverBOOK SYNOPSIS

Can mankind survive an apocalypse of his own making?

Bailey and Caleb fled civilization in light of impending disaster. Fighting to make their way south, they struggled to rejoin their survivalist friends and relatives. After facing crowds hell-bent on securing supplies… After getting the better of a marauding band of misfits… The couple arrive back at The Ranch, only to discover the place is deserted. Soon, a lone survivor emerges, explaining the group’s mysterious disappearance and the dangers they face in the ransacked hideaway.

Joining forces, the trio sets to work, restoring order to their desert oasis. Making repairs, as well as plans, they are soon joined by a few who had made a daring escape. Refusing to leave the others behind, tempers flare and lines are drawn, while the young couple struggles to define their relationship. In a desperate attempt to rescue the remainder of their comrades, the group moves into their bunker, prepared to hang on until the bitter end. Will they succeed in saving Bailey’s brothers, as well as the rest of their comrades? Or will the renegade town of Pouty put an end to Lawson once and for all…


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