*~*Personal 5 Star Review of Lodestone by author Stephen England


This review is by Tonya from My Family’s Heart – I am giving this book a 5 Star Review


Lodestone is the first book in a series called “Shadow Warriors” the main character is special ops Harry Nichols and I just love this guy. This is a military spy thriller series and talk about taking you to the edge of your seat. Harry and a group of his guys are sent into a country in turmoil to get an asset out. But as you can imagine things don’t go right and Harry and his guys have to fight to not only get the asset out alive but themselves.

The detail that author Stephen England puts into his story is phenomenal. As a Veteran and growing up in the military life I have read spy novels and been very disappointed by the lack of knowledge the author had in this life. But Stephen England has really put a lot of attention to detail into the story bringing to life the terminology, weaponry and detail of this life.

You can feel yourself right next to Harry as he is fighting to keep his asset alive and bring all his men home safely. You can feel the intensity when they are under fire and you think they aren’t going to make it. Stephen England draws you into the story, into the moment and leaves you wanting to hurry to the next page to see what happens.

If you like military thriller movies such as Lone Survivor or Black Hawk Down then you are going to love this book and this series.


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