*~*Updated 5 Star Review of “Nightshade” by author Stephen England

NightshadeI read this book last year and since there are some new books out in the series I decided to read those and this so I could read them in order so I have updated my review of this Shadow Warrior series short story.

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5 Star

Below this will by my video review

8-15-2015 Update: I have read the book again as I wanted to read them in the order the author has them set (Lodestone, Nightshade, Pandora’s Grave, Day of Reckoning & Talisman) Like below I found Stephen through his book Pandora’s Grave. I am glad I re-read this book as I picked up details I missed the first go around. As stated in my initial review this is set in Paraguay and Harry and two of his fellow operatives are sent in to take out an Al Queda leader. As always something goes wrong with the mission and Harry and his men have to scramble to get out safe and sound and complete the mission because if something goes wrong they know no one is coming for them. Super fast read – super amazing book. Still keeping this a 5 star. Now off to re-read Pandora’s Grave – its good to refresh your memory on books when there are new ones in a series  you haven’t yet read 🙂


My Initial Review in 2014 – Let me just say I read this book once already when it was combined in a short story anthology “Uncommon Assassin’s” I have re-read the book and wanted to give it a new review. I first learned of Harry Nichols and his clandestine team when I read Pandora’s Grave so when I learned of this book you can bet your bottom dollar I ran right to Amazon to get it. And I am glad I did. I also like the way Stephen takes terms like visual identification and turns it into the codes that are used throughout the story i.e. “VISDENT” always making sure you know before hand what the word is so you can flow through the story without wondering what the heck that means. It really makes the story that much more real.

I really love how Stephen engages you with his characters, describing not only what they look like but really pulling you into the moment, what they are seeing, feeling, what they are going through at that very moment. There is no shortage of action in this book and as always no shortage of deception.

Harry and his team always seem to be in impossible, life threatening situations and this story is no different. They are in Paraguay to take out a top Al Qaeda leader. There is tension within the team and you can feel it, you can sense the danger and urgency when the mission doesn’t go off as they had planned. Harry and his team are on the run for their lives. They have to separate and make it out alive on their own. As they are heading out a change in plans and Harry has just moments to make a decision.

Firefights, breath taking moments, edge of your seat, oh trust me when I say I was grabbing at my heart a few times. Wanting to say watch out – over there – no no run. LOL Stephen’s writing drags you right into the depths of the action with Harry and his team.

My Video Review

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