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AUTHORS – Marianna Green
TITLE – Colonel Brandon’s Widow and Willoughby
GENRE – Jane Austen Sequel (Love Story rather than Romance)

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Marianne Brandon, the former Marianne Dashwood, is left a widow at the age of twenty-five.

The thought that she is free to remarry drives her old admirer Willoughby wild. He is as unhappily married as ever, and leads a life of empty debauchery that Marianne abhors.

He will not listen to Marianne’s advice that the only chance of happiness for himself and his wife is for him to amend his ways.

But Marianne finds her own life empty, now Colonel Brandon is gone; she must find some worthwhile occupation to fill her days.

In this sequel to ‘Sense and Sensibility’, Willoughby has the same rascally charm as ever, while an older and wiser Marianne does her best to resist him; Sophia Willoughby is even more sour; Elinor and Edward are as astute as ever, while Sir John and Lady Middleton are even more foolish. Mrs Jennings remains as eager to marry off all her associates, while Willoughby’s friends are a set of suitably cynical rakes.

This novella strives to emulate some of the light ironical touch of Jane Austen; sometimes funny and sometimes sad, it is told as dark comedy.


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