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♥ (7 Day Tour) – December 1st – December 7th
♥ AUTHORS – Susan Squires
♥ TITLE – Time for Eternity
♥ SERIES – The DaVinci Time Travel Series (Book #1)
♥ GENRE – Regency Paranormal Romance
♥ # PAGES/WORDS – 384 Pages


Time-for-Eternity-eBook-webBOOK SYNOPSIS
Desire and destiny collide in this novel—first in a stunning new series—from New York Times Bestselling author Susan Squires

Tempted by Fate
Once, Frankie Suchet loved Henri Foucault—and it cost her everything. For two centuries, she has cursed the French duke who gave her his blood and then disappeared forever. Today, this sexy vampire is a bartender living in San Francisco. And Frankie has been granted the chance to go back in time…to kill the man who made her what she is. But becoming “Françoise” again means losing all memory of the risk Henri poses to her future…and her heart.

Seduced by Danger
France, 1794. The Reign of Terror is in full swing. From the first, Henri is an enigma, saving Françoise from an angry Parisian mob. Drawn to his seductive vitality, Françoise discovers there is much more to him than she once knew. Henri’s devotion to rescuing innocents from the guillotine is his sole passion—until he encounters Françoise’s intoxicating blend of innocence and experience. And as their attraction explodes into dangerous desire, the only way to save each other may be to sacrifice their timeless love…


♥ (3 Day Blast) – December 10th – December 12th
♥ AUTHORS – Emily Mims
♥ TITLE – Unexpected Assets
♥ SERIES – A Texas Hill Country Romance (Book #6)
♥ GENRE – Contemporary Romance
♥ # PAGES/WORDS – 150 Page Novella

**Author states each book can be read as a standalone


Unexpected Assets (2)BOOK SYNOPSIS
After three agonizing years of surgeries and rehab. U.S. Army veteran Jason Donahue is ready to leave the Iraq War in the past and rejoin society. Yet, no matter the success he achieves at work, people wince every time they see him.

Everyone but Emily Riley. From the first, the beautiful redhead looks past his disfigurement and sees him. In return, Jason wants to buy her everything she deserves, starting with her dream home and going from there. Yet Emily has scars of her own, a past she’s not ready to reveal. Only when they both come clean, when they view each other through eyes of trust and love, will they know that, when a good man and a good woman give each other their heart, the two will always have more than enough.


♥ (7 Day Tour) – December 13th – December 19th
♥ AUTHORS – Muffy Wilson & Chrissy Laurence
♥ TITLE – Cheerleaders in Heat
♥ GENRE – Romantic Erotica, Provocative Romance, Sports Romance
♥ # PAGES/WORDS – Approx. 182 pages

03eba-cheerleaders2bin2bheat2be-book2bcover2b252822529BOOK SYNOPSIS
Miami Rattlers Cheerleader Cherie Redd is exquisitely beautiful, athletic, and very, very lonely. Romance: a puzzling phenomenon she figured had something to do with guys’ fear of rejection or lack of self-confidence because they just didn’t have what it takes to win someone like Cherie.

Titillatingly sexy and breathtakingly beautiful, Cherie and her other cheerleading friends often spent their lonely Saturday nights lamenting their beauty and available just for the asking. The prettiest single women around: lonely, loveless and forlorn.

Frustrated by too many quiet nights at home or with other cheerleaders, Cherie was oh-so-eager for romance and a man to seduce her lavishly. She wanted to feel what a real orgasm in the arms of an adoring man was like once again. So, she tucked her vibrator away and took to the Internet. Cherie had no clue how rapidly the seduction would begin or where her life would careen as a result. Painfully naive and overwhelmed by admirers before her spinning head cleared, Cherie was learning things her momma never even knew enough to warn her about.

Follow Cherie and her friends as their sexual scoreboards light up brighter than in any stadium as their downward spiral introduces them to hot ménage sex, perversion and degradation.

Or does it?



♥ (7 Day Tour) – December 13th – December 19th
♥ AUTHORS – Tanya Vought
♥ TITLE – Granted Wishes
♥ TITLE – The Granted Series
♥ GENRE – Contemporary Romance
♥ # PAGES/WORDS – Approx 234 Pages

NOTE – This is a standalone Novella with an HEA


A decision that will change her life forever.

After the loss of her husband, Gracelynn Calhoun has struggled with her life and career. Forced to take a four week vacation or be fired from her job, she surprises everyone including herself and agrees to the vacation.

The owner of Antonetti Suites, Giovanni works hard and doesn’t have time for relationships or love. That is until he literally crashes into Gracelynn. She brings back all the feelings he thought he would never feel again.

With the odds stacked against them in every way possible, will they forge ahead together or will this be the end of the road for their newfound love? Will the whispers from above bring them together or will misunderstandings ruin what could be an amazing second chance at love?


♥ (3 Day Blast) – December 15th – December 17th
♥ AUTHORS – Lucy Gage
♥ TITLE – Just Realized
♥ TITLE – Ward Sisters – Book #3
♥ GENRE – Contemporary Romance Fiction
♥ # PAGES/WORDS – Approx 400 Pages

From the author in regards to the series having to be read in order: Have to? No. Are better if they are read in order? Yes. No spoilers that way, and you get every little detail of the series. But the stories are all constructed as standalone novels – no cliffhangers, and the plot is self-contained


She appears to be the irrepressibly happy girl. Nina Jacobs has had some rough patches in life, and men have always disappointed her. The day Owen Nichols drops into her life, the last thing she expects to happen is happily ever after.

He gravitates toward the role of knight in shining armor for damsels in distress. Sergeant Owen Nichols has a bad habit of being the rebound guy. When he meets Nina Jacobs, he recognizes the moment where preparation meets opportunity.

Some life lessons have to be earned the hard way. Owen is determined to prove worthy of Nina’s trust, and they form an unshakable bond of friendship that she can’t believe—and he dares not presume—is more. Can Owen find the courage to leap before she rediscovers her heart with someone else? Or will Nina realize that she already has everything she needs with the man who has become her best friend?


♥ (3 Day Blast) – December 18th – December 20th
♥ AUTHORS – Susan Squires
♥ TITLE – Companion Book Bundle Two
♥ SERIES – The Companion Series (Book #4, 5 & 6)
♥ GENRE – Parnormal Vampire Regency Romance
♥ # PAGES/WORDS – Book #6 is about 341 pages

**This is books 4-6 in the Companion Series – Per the author each book can be read as a stand alone but book #6 bridges into her new DaVinci Time Travel series

The Companion Bundle Two - CoverBOOK SYNOPSIS
One with the Night #4
Far from the glittering lights and shallow bustle of 1822 London lies another world — a realm of shadows and secrets, where desire holds dominion and passion knows no limits…

Jane Blundell’s keen intellect and wit have always set her apart from her marriage-minded peers. But such differences are nothing compared to the change that comes upon her when she is infected by a blood sample in her father’s laboratory. Suddenly, her veins resonate with a terrifying, exhilarating power. Dr. Blundell takes Jane to the Scottish highlands where she collides with the only man who can understand her hunger–and slake her unending desire…

Callan Kilkenny has returned to England from Marrakech, still filled with self-loathing at the deeds he committed in the name of a beautiful, depraved vampire. Now that he has tracked down Dr. Blundell in hopes of a cure he has also found a kindred spirit in Jane. Her passion and her blood calls to Callan, fueling a carnal need that shocks them both with its intensity. But others have come in search of the cure, too…for reasons that are sinister and deadly. And to save Jane and the rest of their kind, Callan must risk everything–even his last chance at redemption…

One with the Shadows, #5
Kate Malone makes her living reading Tarot cards and fleecing society’s elite. With no prospect of independence, her own fate looks bleak. But Kate’s fortunes change when she steals a magnificent emerald–and is soon confronted by a mysterious stranger. Kate is sure that the striking gentleman’s attention is a ruse to retrieve the gem. But his presence awakens her to passions she never dreamed of…and to powers she never knew she possessed.

Gian Urbano is bound by honor to retrieve the mystical stone that can drain a vampire’s power–and drive humans to madness. The willful, stunning Kate has no idea of the emerald’s dark magic, or the lengths Gian’s enemies will go to retrieve it. But soon Gian discovers in Kate a desire more compelling than duty–one that could save them both, or lead them to their downfall…

One with the Darkness, #6
Contessa Donnatella di Poliziano has power, beauty, and—as a vampire—eternal life. Her overwhelming regret is a mistake she made centuries ago when she chose not to transform her one true love, Jergan, into a vampire too. Donnatella’s choice has deprived her of the only true love she’s ever known. But just as all seems lost, the discovery of a 300-year-old note leads her to a gift left by her old friend, Leonardo da Vinci: a machine to take her back in time to rewrite the history of her heart…

Once back in time, Donnatella’s memory of the intervening years is lost. Yet when she sees the breathtaking Jergan from afar, she feels like she has always known him. The instant attraction she feels draws them together. For Donnatella, the romance is tantalizing, awakening a passion that feels both old and new. But as the two fall in love again, a new danger threatens to tear them apart. Now Jergan’s love for Donnatella will be tested in a most perilous way—and if he fails, the two lovers will be separated again…for eternity.


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