Homefront HUGS – **Needs You** – Help soldiers around the world – Looking for donations

Homefront Hugs

Homefront HUGS is a grassroots all volunteer group that helps soldiers who are deployed and returning home in need. The group started 14 years ago by a former US Air Force Pilots wife who saw a need. From getting doctors and dentists to volunteer for work needed on returning soldiers to sending much needed and enjoyed care packages to soldiers over seas who can’t come home for the holidays or are on long deployments.

This group is 100% volunteers – not one of them gets a salary – you can’t beat that. They do it because of their love for this country and their love for our soldiers – that is the best satisfaction you can get. No amount of money brings you the happiness or joy you would get from volunteering to our soldiers.

Right now they are trying to package up and send goodies to all the troops for the holidays. Each package cost $15.90 to ship so a single donation of $16 (via PayPal) can send a box full of love to a soldier for the upcoming Christmas holiday and bring a little home & love to them as they keep our country safe. ***Note – No PayPal account is needed – you can use your credit card via the PayPal link to make a donation.

I made my donation today – I challenge each of you to make a donation as well. Just one donation of $16 thats about 3 Starbucks coffees you give up but its well worth it.


Where to Find, Follow & Learn More about Homefront HUGS

Website / Facebook / Twitter


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