*~*10 Heart – Personal Review of After Today by author D. Love @DerindaL

This is my personal review of “After Today” the 2nd book in the “Today Only” series by the fabulous and amazing author D. Love. 

After Today

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After Today is the 2nd book in the “Today Only” series. A very emotional and inspirational series. And it is only the 2nd book ever that I am giving a 10 Heart Rating (Today Only being the 1st)

Let me first start off by saying if you have not read book #1 “Today Only” please DO NOT read this book until you do. You can find my review for the 1st book here and I really recommend reading my review and then the book –

Now onto the review for After Today, this picks up with Emily all grown up and working at a hospice type clinic. A place where your loved ones go to be taken care of until they pass on to the afterlife. When I read chapter 1 and there is Emily is with a patient who had just passed and think to myself. WOW, after losing her mother at such a young age to be working at this place where no one leaves to go home, but instead they leave for eternity, such strength that would take.

Her father Jett, who was married to her mother (Rye) for 1 year, again read book 1, bought the building and dedicated it to his wife, and Emily’s mother. What a tribute. Her life made such a big impact on those left behind.

I had a very hard time getting through book one. NOT because it was bad, because it was so good, so touching, so emotional and so moving for me. See I too have lost my mother. Anyone who has lost a loved one knows the pain of that loss. Anyone who has lost a mother knows the deepness of that pain. My mother was my best friend it felt like a double loss to me. Author D. Love’s Today Only book came to me at the perfect time.

Now reading After Today I feel the same emotions I felt reading book #1. This book is so well writing. Jett and Emily have struggled to move on, though they won’t admit it, though they try to not show it, everyone knows it. Jett worries about Emily, and vice versa.

In comes Brock, he is a landscape designer, good looking is putting it mildly. Down right gorgeous…. He comes into Emily’s life during a time that he himself is going through some personal turmoil. He is hired to design the perfect garden at the center and he is working for Emily.

The attraction between the two is immediate and unmistakable to everyone. But Emily isn’t quite ready. Then she learns one of her newer patients is Brock’s brother. That brings them even closer. Watching the interaction between Emily and Brock when dealing with the garden, his brother and other situations is so endearing, so touching. You can see how much he cares about her and you can see her fighting her feelings and how scared she is to open herself up to the possibility of Love.

Something in this book that had me really crying, the letters. The letters that Rye wrote before she passed away that are meant to be read during certain times in their lives. There are a few in here.

Please make sure you have tissue or a hanky ready because you will need it. You will go through a box easily in this book. But it isn’t sad tears, well they are but happy sad, such a good book, moving moments, touching scenes.

I have only ever given one other book in the hundreds and hundreds that I have read 10 stars and that was Today Only. This will now be my second book ever to receive a 10 star rating from me. I can’t say enough how absolutely amazing this book is.

Or, how eager I am to read Jett’s story next. Derinda – absolutely phenominal!!!!!

See my review of Today Only – CLICK HERE



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