*~*Personal “5-♥♥♥♥♥” Review of Love Me by author Margaret Watson

Love Me CoverIs the first book in the Donovan Family Series. A family full of Cops, FBI, Lawyers. Each one has their own story. This one is about Helen Brody a lawyer who represents clients in child custody cases.

You first meet Helen & Jamie after what she feels is no accident in her now destroyed office. Her landlord has informed her a contractor will be arriving to assess the damage, but what she doesn’t know is the contractor is someone she had a 1 night stand with a year ago and hasn’t seen since. Someone who rocked her world that night and she hasn’t thought of anyone else since.

Jamie can’t believe the woman before him is the same one that turned his world upside down and left him wanting no one else but her. Must have been some night. Right away he is struggling with feelings for her, or lets say “containing” those feelings. 🙂

It doesn’t take long for Jamie to wiggle his way back into Helen’s life. Her family of cops are trying to help her find out who caused the damage and want nothing more than to keep her safe. And right away they sense something about Jamie and his connection to Helen.

Of course as a lawyer there is always someone out there that loses and someone who is unhappy when they lose and Helen may not be so safe.
And Jamie makes it his mission not just to keep her safe but to make sure she realizes how much he wants her and not just for now, but for always.

Helen on the other hand wants to just let him go before she ends up hurting him. So afraid he will end up resenting or hating her for not being able to give him the one thing he said that one night a year ago that he always wanted.

But Jamie isn’t letting any of the happen. All I can say is WOW I need to find a man like Jamie, are there any out there, because this man made my heart melt and pound at the same time.

This is a very fast romantic read with a great story of trying to find the bad guy, protecting a mom and her children and falling in love.

Looking forward to reading the next Donovan Family book “Watch Me”.

RATING – ♥♥♥♥♥

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