*~*Personal Review of “When You Come Home” an #American #Historical #Fiction by author Nancy Pitts

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When You Come Home – The True Love Story of a Soldier’s Heroism and His Wife’s Sacrifice


5 Stars5 Stars

When You Come HomeWhen You Come Home is a love story between Daphne Kelley Cavin and her husband Raymond Kelley. The story was written by Daphne’s daughter and is set during World War II and is based on a true story. I am going to tell you right up front this story was moving, touching, heartbreaking, beautiful, sad, funny, every emotion you can possibly have you are going to have reading this book.

Daphne and Raymond meet at a get together and their story unfolds from there, the car rides, the dinners and movies it’s all so romantic. To watch their love unfold it feels like such a privilege to be a part of it. Almost like watching a Hallmark movie. This book could be a Hallmark movie. The wedding was sweet and very sentimental. And of course the war looming always wondering if Raymond will ever get that notice of induction, and he does.

I can’t imagine being as young as they were, newly married and learning your husband will be going off to war to fight for his country. To fight the Germans. The story continues sharing how Daphne gets by from day to day. The times they travel to spend with each other while Raymond is going through training and that sad moment when he finally heads to France to join the battle.

The sweet letters they write each other, the lovely poem “When You Come Home”, the hold your breath moment when a dreaded US Department of Army telegram arrives stating her husband has been injured.

This is not a typical happily ever after story, why because, Daphne and Raymond never get to live the life they dreamed of. Raymond is killed in action, killed doing his job, killed saving others. Raymond died at the age of 22.

The story continues sharing the unimaginable grief that Daphne goes through, the moment he died, she realizes later he visited her, and how she overcomes, and moves on and eventually begins to live again.

I can’t say enough how much this story moved me. If Amazon would let me this would be the only other book I would ever give a TEN star rating to. The book, the story is that good. Please read it, you won’t be disappointed.

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