Authors in the City 2016


I can’t even begin to say how much fun I had this past Saturday at AITC 2016 in Kissimmee, FL. This was only a 45 minute drive from my place and I am so glad I went. There were so many amazingly fabulous romance authors there. I wasn’t able to see each and every one but I went to more than half the tables and met some of the most lovely authors ever.

FYI – Kym Grosso was the only author who had her model there – let me tell you her line was so long. I didn’t get the chance but I recall another author telling me when he speaks you forget everything else. LOL and I believe that too because wow was that man good looking and every lady in there was in line getting their picture with him too.

So many authors, so many new books to read, so much swag – bloggers you are reaping the benefits of this visit as My Family’s Heart is going to be having monthly drawings for bloggers who participate in events with extra entries for reviews. There is a TON of great stuff.

Here are just a few pictures from the day, my sister joined me, we had so much fun.

Picture #1 top left – this is a view into the main atrium there is the huge waterfall and then you can just walk all the way around it and way back it just goes on forever there is so much lush green, and flowers and even wildlife, alligators, turtles, coy fish. Just amazing. Below that (lower left) that is me and my sister. I am so glad she joined me we had so much fun. And then (lower right) that is me – say Wine Barrel!!!!

Picture #2 top right – yes this sail boat is inside the atrium, full size boat. Can you believe that. Then (lower left) pointing the way to the ballroom we were headed to. And of course (lower right) my sister heading into the room. Bloggers got to go in 30 minutes before the throng of readers and fans. So many authors, sooooooooo many people.

Picture #3 lower left – Top picture is me with author Ashley Hampton – long time author of My Family’s Heart and one of the very first authors to book a tour with me. The next picture is with author Ahren Sanders (bottom left). Then to the right in the cowgirl hat is author Victoria Vane. I just loved her hat.

Picture #4 lower right – The top picture is me with author Angel Payne. She gave me the sweetest compliment I won’t ever forget. The next (bottom left) is me with author Emme Burton and then (bottom right) is me with author Lisa Suzanne what a gem she was.

These were just a few of the countless number of authors I met. If you go to my personal FB page – you can locate all the pictures from the day. There is also a separate post with the swag and I have tagged all the authors in that photo.

Make sure you take a moment visit their author pages and LIKE them. Remember when liking a Facebook page, hover over the LIKE button and make sure you include ALL notifications and FIRST in feed otherwise you will never see the posts that they make. Make sure to do that with My Family’s Heart also. Otherwise you are missing out on a lot of great stuff.



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