Thank you to author Jo Grafford for a wonderful after tour review @JoGrafford

My Family’s Heart strives to make each and every author as happy as possible with the service they have paid us to provide for them. And we always ask each and every author to provide us with an after tour survey to let us know what they thought of the tour they had with us. We love every survey the good and the bad. They only help to make us better at what we do and what we offer to our authors.

So here is the most recent after tour survey received from the wonderful Jo Grafford for her 1 day book blitz for “Designed For You” (Buy book here –


Just wanted to say thank you so much for the well-organized, well-attended, and absolutely lovely blitz today! If I counted correctly (since I visited and commented on each one), over twenty blogs posted. Plus there have been a huge flurry of tweet shouts outs, too. That’s an incredible turnout in this busy blogger world, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Designed For You received some wonderful exposure today and sold several copies. The numbers are still rolling in, so I won’t have final tallies till tomorrow. Actually, the results will probably continue to trickle in for several days.
I’m thrilled how much time and effort you put into this blitz even though I won it in a drawing instead of paying for it. Be assured I WILL be purchasing more blitzes and other tours from you in the future! I have several more released planned this year.

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