**Personal Review of “The Wager” by author @ReneFolsom

This is Tonya’s personal 5 Stars review of The Wager a prequel to Game Changer by author Rene Folsom 

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This is a very fast read but what a fun book. What a way to introduce Liam and Maci but through a costume party.

Maci agrees to go with her friend Sky to a New Years Eve party with people Sky works with. Dressed in her sexy costume her and Sky arrive at Liam’s condo. And the Sparks start as soon as they both see each other. Maci in her sexy black cat outfit and Liam as the Phantom of the Opera.

Before they know it they have a bet with each gaining something if they win. They play three rounds of a video game and if you ask me they both win. Of course when it’s all said and done one of them is sneaking out and now I have to rush off to read Game Changer to find out what happens next.

Really a fast, sexy, steamy fun read and great way to lead into the next book.


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