Personal “4 Star” Review of Incandescence by Xunaira J

This is Tonya’s Personal Review of 

Incandescence by author Xunaira J. 

4 Stars

IncandescenceIncandescence takes place in Islamabad Pakistan with a trip to Canada and is about a beautiful young lady Alisha Khan and the undeniably good looking Anis Mughal. This story is about love, friendship and the bonds they create to help Alisha overcome what could be a devastating injury.

For me it started off a little slow I had to get used to the authors writing style, since this takes place in Pakistan and the translation from that language to English at times I would need to re-read something but I caught on quickly and really ended up enjoying reading how things we think of something are thought differently by others. I also loved that the author used traditional words throughout the entire story some I knew from having friends around the world others I used the lovely tools on my kindle and learned many new things. Especially wedding traditions. Very interesting.

I really fell in love with Anis and at times wanted to shake Alisha and tell her stop pushing him away girl this man loves you and wants nothing more than to take care of you. But then I also understood her need for independence and to overcome.

Alisha graduated college and had started her own successful business which her best friend Sadaf and her husband Shahmir also helped her run, on one late night a tragedy befalls Alisha and she is seriously injured and left with some very deep scars. Physically, mentally and emotionally. Her family and friends are there for her, through it all, encouraging her, and helping her get back on her feet, back in the world, and supporting the decisions she makes. And then there is Anis, heir to his fathers hotel business and a very confident man. Good looking and falling for Alisha, even after what happens. In his eyes she is just as beautiful as she was the first time he met her. He see’s deep into her soul and the more they are together the deeper he falls.

This is a story of tragedy, overcoming, friendship, family, strength and love. It was a really good book. Look past the difference in writing style, learn about another country, lifestyle and watch two amazing people fall in love.



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