*~*Personal Review of “Game On” by author @ReneFolsom

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This is Tonya’s Personal 5 Stars Review of

“Game On” (Playing Games #2) by author Rene Folsom

51VSTn9auxL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_BOOK SYNOPSIS

Spending her days caring for her grandmother and her nights dreaming up new worlds to write about, Maci wants nothing more than to enjoy life alongside her new man, Liam. But after a wicked visit from the devil himself, she quickly learns that the hearts and flowers of her new relationship will have to wait.

Big Jim, Liam’s sworn enemy, attempts to blackmail Maci in order to gain a leg up in the gaming industry. It’s all she can do to keep her wits about her as she battles with right and wrong, knowing just how devastating it would be for Liam if she were to deceive him.

After going through hell and back, it’s finally Game On as Liam and Maci team up to defeat the evil likes of Big Jim. With the walls of betrayal closing in on them, it doesn’t take long to devise a game plan for conquering the enemy—but a solid strategy doesn’t always mean it’s game over.

Note: This contemporary romance novel is the second book in the Playing Games series and contains adult situations meant for ages 18+.


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5 Star

Oh wow what a great book. No that isn’t right, what an AMAZING book. Yeah that’s better.

I am just in love with the characters Maci and Liam in this series. And they certainly did not fail to continue in this book. Again this book picked up where book 1 left off.

Maci stuck in the middle of being black mailed and torn between doing what she knows will destroy the man she has fallen for or losing someone who has been her whole world.

Anyone else out there like me and can’t stand big slimy grease ball, low life losers. LOL well this story has one for sure. And big Jim delivers. He certainly comes through with tearing apart Maci’s world.

Now of course there is more than just sadness in this book. Lord I am no gamer, I mean I play a few games on my iPad and such but I am no gamer by any means. My son, yes, my nephews, yes, but me. No way are you kidding I can’t figure those controllers out to save my life LOL. But I just love that this story line is based on this. Don’t get me wrong its not the story itself, its just part of Liam’s life and everything but the fact that Maci is a gamer and a darn good one I just love that. It really adds to this story, to this couple.

I love how Rene pulls in games that are popular, that the characters though doing very well for themselves, are still down to earth, geeky, every day people like the majority of us. And that their lives aren’t so perfect like many think people with money have “perfect lives”.

I also love that this entire story has unfolded where I live and work. Tampa and Ybor. So it feels even closer to me when I read this story and hear the names mentioned.

There is some really good reading in this book, so if you haven’t gotten to this one yet, hurry up and finish the prequel and book #1 and get to reading this because you are going to want to see what happens between big Jim and Maci, and the outcome it has for her and Liam.



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