*~*Personal Review of The Break (Playing Games #2.5) by @ReneFolsom

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This is Tonya’s Personal 5 Stars Review of 

The Break (Playing Games #2.5) by author Rene Folsom

The BreakBook Synopsis

Deciding on a much-needed break, Liam and Maci head for the Maldives, a series of islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean known for their endless beaches and romantic settings. They make a pact to keep disconnected from the world while enjoying their time together, including days full of fun in the sun and nights packed with passion.

Go on a trip with these two game-playing lovers as they spend two super-sexy weeks in paradise in The Break, an optional novella in the Playing Games series.

Note: This contemporary romance companion novella in the Playing Games series can stand alone or be read between Game On and End Game and contains adult situations meant for ages 18+.

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5 Star

This is currently the last book in the series, it is a novella and a super-fast, very good steamy little read.

Liam and Maci take a break from the world and go on one very amazing vacation. I’m jealous to say the least. I won’t give away where they go but I just might have to save up my dollars and go there now. This is such a fun read. The light and fun banter the entire time between them is so enjoyable to read.

And the steamy scenes we’ll be prepared because there are plenty of them. Each one different and each one better than the one before.

Can’t wait for the next book with Liam and Maci to come out. Until then hurry up get this series and enjoy an amazing story.



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