Tonya’s Personal Review of The Architect by author C.A. Bell

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The Architect by author C.A. Bell – BUY LINK – $5.99

My Family’s Heart received this book in return for an honest review. 

I am giving this book a 3.8 (Rounded up to 4 on Amazon & Goodreads)

The Architect

This is the story of a lovely British woman Ruth Watson and a dashing, rake of a man Heath Berkley. They first meet at a Jazz bar and from the start things get a little wild. This book has some heat in it so be prepared. If you like Shags in the alley to kink/fetish bars to spankings, you will love this book. What starts as a one-night stand turns into two nights, then three.

Ruth works at a medical center as a receptionist and Heath of course is an architect who lives in the hotels near where his current project is. And they hit it right off. But not everything can be roses all the time. Ruth has a family past that try as she might keep coming up and while trying to deal with that a shocking surprise arises.

As Ruth and Heath spend more time together and realize they both just might like a bit of the kinky stuff a relationship begins to blossom.

My only qualm about this book was the ending. It just ends. They are walking down a hallway and that is it. I thought maybe my copy was missing pages or something. Outside of that I absolutely LOVED the authors style of writing. I loved all the British slang and terms I really felt like I was watching a British couple in a budding relationship. So other than the run into a brick wall at the end (not a cliffhanger ending) this is a great book. If you like light kink, a bit of spanking, a little bondage then you will love this book

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