Author Discounts for the Month of June


As you know each month My Family’s Heart does something for the authors. We can never say thank you enough to the amazing authors that we work with. But one small way to show how much we love our authors is by giving you discounts each month on services that we offer.

Here are June’s Author Discounts

  1. Purchase a 1 day blitz (Can be used any time after May 20th thru December) get a 1 day blitz & 1 month free advertising. – CLICK TO SIGN UP NOW
  2. Purchase 2 months of advertising ($5 a month=$10) get 2 months advertising free. – CLICK TO SIGN UP NOW
  3. Purchase 2 months Social Media Promotion ($10 a month-$20) get 2 months promotion free – CLICK TO SIGN UP NOW
  4. Purchase a 3 day blast (Must be used July thru December) get 2 months free advertising & 1 month social media promotion starting 1 week before your tour and to run through your tour – CLICK TO SIGN UP NOW


What a list of discounts for our amazing authors – you really don’t want to miss out on this. Book today before dates are filled up. We look forward to working with you in helping promote your book to the masses.

The girls at My Family’s Heart



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