Personal Review of Wicked Steps by Cory Cyr

c4795-wickedsteps_full_front255b1255dBOOK SYNOPSIS

Strong language, explicit sexual situations, M/F. F/F. 18+

If anyone had asked ten years ago, I never would have imagined I’d be a thirty-five-year-old widow today.

I could tell you I married Hartman Wick out of love, but it’s complicated. We were friends. He was dying. And he needed me. He also made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Of course, I agreed with the very best of intentions. But we all know what the road to hell is paved with.

All I ever dreamed of was owning my own gallery. A place where my best friend and I could introduce the masses to inspiring and new artists. Hartman promised me the deed to the gallery, wealth, and security for the rest of my life.

Instead, I find myself in a war with his estranged son Kieran—my stepson and one of the most prolific painters, known for his erotic shock art. He’s been plotting revenge against his father for years, and now that Daddy’s dead, he’s seized the opportunity.

Between the constant battles, heated exchanges, and threats of blackmail, I find myself inexplicitly drawn to this twenty-four-year old. He’s beautiful, seductive, arrogant, and evil. Not only is he a gifted artist, but he’s certainly inherited some of his father’s more unsavory traits. He truly is a Wick.

But then he takes things too far and pushes me to my breaking point. I’ve had enough. In retaliation, I make a plan.

And I almost feel sorry for him—almost. I’m sure, even as a child, he was never read a single fairy tale. Poor bastard.

He has no idea how truly wicked a stepmother can be.



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5 Wickedly Scorching Stars

I received this book for an honest review.

Kieran Wick is devilishly good looking young man and a very talented artist who harbors a lot of anger and hatred, bordering on dangerously vindictive and he is hell bent on vengeance and retribution. Someone is going to pay.

Ellery Wick has spent 7 years living in hell. Now she just wants to move forward, to turn her art gallery, the one promised to her by her now dead husband, aka the devil, into a huge success for her and her best friend Coco. But little does she know her hell hasn’t ended, its going to become even more “Wicked”, and in the end her gallery could be at stake.

Ellery unknown to her, has a stepson, yep you guessed it, Keiran and he plans on taking everything and destroying her in the process. She has to pay for what she did to his mother all those years ago. She has no idea the storm that is about to be unleashed in her life.

The heat level in this book is scorching. Keiran is so sexy, my kindle was short circuiting. What that man has done to his “man parts” WOW!!!!!. The sexual encounters in this book, leave you panting for more. “Mile High Club”……..

Beyond that, the story line, EXCELLENT. A young boy whose father destroyed his world and his mother. The death of his mother because of his father. An anger that grows each day, each year for the woman who caused this. The death of his dad leaves just 1 person to pay. And she is going to reap his anger, Ellery Wick… His stepmother!!

Little does Kieran know he just may have met his match. Because Ellery is not going to slink away, or lay down and take it. Wicked may have just met his match. And he may just learn she isn’t the evil stepmother he always believed her to be.

No spoilers, I wont tell the outcome, lets just say I laid down at 11pm expecting to read just a few chapters. Next thing I know its 3:45 and I have read the entire book. I could not put it down.



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