Personal Review of Talisman by author @StephenMEngland

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51bDf9EN6xL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_BOOK SYNOPSIS

From best-selling author Stephen England comes TALISMAN, a new stand-alone short story in the Shadow Warriors series.

“We are going to find the people who did this to our country. And we are going to see them burn.”

With America still reeling from the largest terrorist attacks to strike the homeland since 9/11, a Clandestine Service strike team is dispatched to the Mediterranean to target the man responsible for financing the plot—Saudi Prince Yusuf ibn Talib al-Harbi. Codename: TALISMAN.

For CIA paramilitary operations officer Jack “Tex” Richards, his orders couldn’t have been more straightforward: by the time the sun rises once more over Monaco, TALISMAN will be dead. The plan is simple enough.

But as darkness falls, as the mission starts to fall apart, as the life of an American college student becomes inextricably linked with that of the prince, one truth is self-evident: there is no such thing as a clean kill. . .

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This is a Shadow Warriors short. Follows right on the heels of Day of Reckoning. But it doesn’t have my favorite CIA op Harry Nichols. This one is all Tex and his mission is revenge for his country, and his target is Talisman. 


This is a super fast read. Like 30 minutes tops and takes place in Monaco. Carter is in here as well. You get to see Tex in action. Show no mercy, take no prisoners. He is on a mission to take out a target but things don’t go as planned. And one plan is changed to another plan when an innocent is unexpectedly in harms way. 


I really enjoyed getting to see Tex in action, a character throughout the Shadow Warrior series that I have always been intrigued by, this book allows his character to come out and you get to see him in action. And the outcome when things don’t go as planned. 


Enjoyed reading this one – Now it’s off to the newest book just released. Embracing the Fire.





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