Welcome to My Family’s Heart A place where Indie authors books come to life. I started blogging about three years ago, no clue what I was doing or how to do a review. One day my daughter wanted to go on a softball showcase in another state with her team and after the exense so that I knew I was going to need another job as she was determined to become a softball star. Out of that came My Family’s Heart Book Reviews and Tours.

With the help of a truly amazing Indie author and dear friend Samantha Holt my little place on the web began to grow. Her word of mouth became two authors word of mouth and then bloggers spreading the word and it just kept growing.

Now here I am three years later I have changed the name to My Family’s Heart and dropped the rest, have brought on an Assistant Victoria who runs the events from the day they start until they end, and Carly who helps create HTML and Samantha has become my full time graphics designer. 

Many people ask why “My Family’s Heart” it doesn’t event hint of books or reading or authors. Well maybe not. But the name has 21 years of history. The name started when I got out of the Army and came home a single mom starting my life over. I moved home and began researching my family history with my mom, something she always had a passion for. I created our first website My Family’s Heart Genealogy (Google it I kept it up) where we shared our family lines. My mom passed away in 2006 and I haven’t been able to touch the site other than to make minor changes and so when I started this I kept the name in honor of my mother.


I have had many authors tell me I make them feel like family and that is what I strive for. Broadcasting your book to the masses, helping spread the word about you and your book. Making the touring, cover reveals, book releases, etc as seamless and painless as possible for you. And when the last day arrives and you visit the last post you realize there was nothing for you to do but sit back and watch you and your book be spread through the blogging world and social media. And welcome you into the family.

So I hope you enjoy your visit at My Family’s Heart and hope you come back soon.

9 responses to “♥About♥

  1. Thank you for spotlighting my book “Through His Eyes.” You have a great blog and you do a wonderful job with it. I know it takes time, so I appreciate you as a reader and a writer. I hope you get a chance to read my book. I would love to know your opinion of it!
    All the best,


  2. Hi sweetie!

    I thinks something is wrong with my email. I haven’t been able to receive anything and I don’t know what’s going on. I contacted my boss and hope he can help me figure out whats wrong. As soon as I can get it up running I will post any tours I missed. As well as set all the future ones up and send you the pre-post links.

    I’m terribly sorry for the trouble 😦


      • Oh really? That would be so wonderful, thank you! I really appreciate it. My boss said its something to do with Microsoft. As soon as the email is working again I will let you know. 🙂


  3. I’m not sure the genre you prefer, my book just came out on Christmas eve and I wanted to see if you do reviews I am also going to see about a tour.

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