My Family’s Heart is dedicated to making an author’s book tour a complete success, the kind where you kick back, put your feet up, enjoy your favorite drink, snack and movie and let us do all the work for while you reap the rewards.

My Family’s Heart is dedicated to 100% satisfaction of all authors, and nothing less. From hosting & organizing your book tour, to Twitter & Social Media blasting, advertising and more. We also do reviews, and not the normal book blog reviews where we write a line or two “yeah good book, must read”. We actually put thought & feelings into our reviews. We tell why We liked a book or what we didn’t like about a book. We want to help you sell your book with our reviews. 

Check out all of the AMAZING testimonials we’ve received. And some not so good (yeah it happens) but we aren’t ashamed of that. We don’t always hit the nail on the head. But when that happens rest assured we do everything we can to rectify it. This usually means a free tour in like to the author.


Hywela Lyn – This was my second tour with My Family’s Heart and I was impressed both times by the helpful communication and responses to emails. It was particularly helpful to have a spreadsheet with bloggers who hosted my tour, which made it easy to visit and thank the host and people who commented. (Starquest)

New_(animated) Additional Testimonial – I enjoyed working with My Family’s Heart.  They were communicative and helpful and kept me up to date with all the blogs participating, and sent me a regularly updated spreadsheet which made it easy to keep track of each host and comment on their blog. They provided a nicely designed banner and did all the hard work for me. I can certainly recommend them and was very pleased with their service. (Beloved Enemy)

New_(animated) Samantha Jacoby – Hi Tonya & Victoria. I want to thank you, ladies, for all the help and patience you gave me going through my first full cover to tour experience. You did a fabulous job and really covered everything I would never think of LOL. Have a great day, and I hope to work with you in the future. (Rcvd via Kim Matthews her PA) (Rendered) 

New_(animated) Emily Mims – These ladies host a terrific event!  I was very pleased with the results and will be back again. (Daughter of Valor & Unexpected Assets)

New_(animated) Cheryl Carpinello – I wasn’t sure what to expect especially as sign-ups were slow. However, my main goal was to introduce myself and my books to a new audience.  My Family’s Heart blog tour definitely did that.  Your followers tweeted and RTed so much! My in-box was stuffed everyday with notices of mentions and RTs—between 30 and 40 each day. The response I received was overwhelming, and I can attest to an increase in sales because of this.  I’ve signed up for another of My Family’s Heart packages for my Arthurian Legend books! (Son’s of the Sphinx)

New_(animated) Bonnie Edwards – This was my 2nd book tour with My Family’s Heart & I enjoyed working with Tonya & Victoria. They kept track of everything & provided excellent services. (Thigh High)

New_(animated) Veronica Bale – My Family’s Heart organized my very first blog tour, and I was overwhelmed by the response from bloggers and the reading community. Tonya and Victoria made everything so simple – they did all the groundwork for putting the tour together, provided links in a timely manner, and arranged for the participation of very high-quality blogs. I am thrilled with, and amazed by, everything they did for me. I would highly recommend, use again, and wish them all the best for their continued success! (A Noble Deception – Book #1 of the Douglas Clan Series)

Author Mia Cox – Working with My Family’s Heart was a pleasure. My Family’s Heart was professional and attentive, they made my One Day Blitz a hit. Thank you! (Wicked Lustful Tales)

Author Emerald O’Brien – This was my first cover reveal, and My Family’s Heart made everything so simple for me. It was easy to follow on reveal day, and the updates I received were timely and accurate. A great way to get the word out about your book. (Lies Come True)

Author Jenna Fox – I highly recommend MFH for your next tour, blitz or cover reveal.  Their prompt communication with bloggers ensured the best exposure for my books.  I will definitely use them again! (Savannah Sins & Conceiving Evil)

Author Tanya Vought – My Family’s Heart is an amazing blogging company. Both Tonya and Victoria were nice and very professional. I am so happy that I had my 3 day blast with them.  I was thrilled that my time with them went so smoothly. I would highly recommend them to any author looking to promote their book! I can’t say enough positive things about them and my 3 day blast!  Thanks ladies on a job well done. I look forward to working with you both in the future! (Granted Wishes)

Author Jean Jochim – I just finished a blog tour with My Family’s Heart. I was impressed. They delivered everything they said they would and more. I had great coverage, appearing on many different blogs. And all the people who signed up came through.

Questions were answered in a timely fashion and the tour began when scheduled and ran with almost no hitches for several weeks. Thank you, My Family’s Heart, for helping with the successful launch of my new book. I hope you’ll make time for me to go with you again. (Griff Montgomery-Quarterback)

Author Janelle Kahele – I highly recommend My Family’s Heart, their professionalism and organization was to my upmost satisfaction. I have used many promotion companies before and My Family’s Heart is definitely at the top of my list. They made it easy for me to follow my tour, by providing a spreadsheet as a guide. I plan on using them for all my future books and if you are an author you should too. (Crazy On You)

New_(animated) Additional Testimonial – I have done many book tours with different companies and I have to say that My Family’s Heart, has been far the greatest experience I have ever had. Tonya is so caring and thoughtful to the fears that one has when touring a book. I have asked her some pretty ridiculous questions and not once did she ever act as if I was annoying or pestering her in any way, (she did put an occasional ROFL, after some of her comments), but in all seriousness she was very considerate in answering my questions. (Violet Chain)

Author Claire Fullerton – I had the good fortune of finding My Family’s Heart on Google+.  Upon looking at their list of services and incredible rates, I signed up for a one day blitz, one month after the release of my novel, “Dancing to an Irish Reel.” What I expected was an introduction to book sites I otherwise may not have found, what I got was an overwhelming onslaught of sites that signed up for the blitz and so many tweets from these sites that I couldn’t believe my luck! It literally felt like an all day, all night party, and for three days afterwards, these wonderful sites continued to tweet about my book!  I’ve never experienced such wonderful attention from any other book source, and I can’t articulate enough how thrilled I am with My Family’s Heart. I will be recommending My Family’s Heart to my fellow authors at Vinspire Publishing. They go beyond the call of duty! (Dancing to an Irish Reel)

Author Muffy Wilson – The one important thing that MFH does, which I do not see others doing, is following up, post campaign. That alone sets them far affront of their competitors. Thank you emails, surveys, requests for suggestions, campaign post management, late blogger posts reminder emails and a slew of other things sets My Family Heart’s promotional services apart from other companies. They truly are too numerous to remember, let alone list. As in most industries, customers/consumers have one common complaint: “take the money and run” no follow-up. One CANNOT say that about MFH. Not for one second! Their follow-up is an indicator of their exceptional organization and campaign management. Their package pricing compliments their assortment of campaigns making programs highly competitive, perhaps even giving them the edge. I HIGHLY recommend their services. In fact, I see another promotion in our future for “Moonbeams” release!  (The Para-Portage of Emily)

Author Natalie Nicole Bates – I’ve used My Family’s Heart for two of my books and can’t recommend them enough. The personal approach and their attention to detail is second to none.  I look forward to booking my next blitz. (Save Me)

Author Ravyn Rayne – Tonya and her team with My Family’s Heart did a fantastic job with hosting my book blitz for Palace Secrets. Tonya always kept me up to date with the sign-ups and then even provided the direct links to the posts on the day of the event. I would definitely use her services again in the future. (Palace Secrets)

Author A.C. Melody – I won a free one-day blitz through Love, Lust and Lipstick Stains and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to work with My Family’s Heart Book Tours and Reviews.  They’re professional, thorough, courteous and answered any questions I had right away.  I will definitely be using them for future book promotions.  Thanks, ladies!  (The Zen Lounge)

Author Gail Pallotta – I appreciate the enthusiasm about my book shown by My Family’s Heart Book Reviews blog and the effective method of promotion. I appreciate the exposure to readers offered by my one-day blitz with My Family’s Heart. (Mountain of Love & Danger)

Author K.E. Nowinsky – My Family’s Heart work both diligently and with sincerity to provide the absolute best service for my promotional needs. As a self-published author hiring the right service provider for tours is crucial to our business. Tonya and her associates provided a professional and personal experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. I would highly recommend My Family’s Heart Book Reviews & Tours to other authors. (For All In The Hope)

New Testimony – Tonya and Victoria are both professional and passionate about the wonderful services they provide to their authors. I would definitely recommend My Family’s Heart to other writers looking to promote their work. (For All In The Hope – 2nd Tour)

Author K.R. Thompson – The staff at My Family’s Heart are courteous, professional, and an absolute joy to work with. I can’t wait to book another tour with them. I highly recommend these ladies for all of your blog tour needs. (The Wolf)

Author Regina Puckett – My Family’s Heart did a fantastic job with the book release party for my Short Tales of Horror Part II. (Short Tales of Horror II)

Author Gloria Gay– I most emphatically recommend My Family’s Heart Book Reviews and Tours. My experience with them during the month-long tour they organized for me was the kind that I will remember with fondness because they made it very easy for me. It is a site that is very warm and friendly toward writers. The month-long blog tour they organized for me, often with two sites in the same day, would have been very stressful had it not been for the easy way that Tonya and her assistant, Victoria, made it for me. I also recommend My Family’s Heart Book Reviews and Tours for the other benefits I received from the tour, such as increased sales and reviews for my book that were placed on sites such as Goodreads and Amazon. During the month that the tour lasted it generated for me dozens of fans and a great many new friends in Goodreads, Facebook and Twitter. (Scandal at Almacks)

Additional Testimonial – I highly recommend My Family’s Heart to any writer who wants an enthusiastic interest in his or her book and a one hundred percent commitment in the hosting and planning of the tour by two wonderful and easy to deal with women, Tonya and Victoria. (Love in a Dangerous Season)

Additional Testimonial – As I have said before, I really enjoy dealing with Tonya & Victoria for the blog tours of my books. The title, “My Family’s Heart” describes Tonya & Victoria very well, for I always feel like I’m dealing with family when I start my tour. Tonya and Victoria are not only warm human beings but very efficient ones, too. My blog tour always hums along without a single glitch!  (A Bridge Through Time) 

Additional Testimonial – I really enjoy dealing with Tonya and Victoria for the blog tours of my books. As a matter of fact, the service is very well named, for it applies. Not only are these two women efficient in their preparation of blog tours, but they also have big hearts and they welcomed me to their wonderful site with characteristic warmth. (Enchanted Summer)

New_(animated) Additional Testimonial – I cannot state enough the ease, empathy, sweetness and wonderful way Tonya and Victoria have with the writers for whom they organize wonderful blog tours for their books. I have had quite a few blog tours organized by these two fine ladies and I could not be happier at the result. I can readily assure anyone wanting to go on their first blog tour ever or their first blog tour of their book with My Family’s Heart that they will be as happy as I was with my first blog tour and all the subsequent blog tours they organized for me. It is with pleasure and eagerness that I highly recommend them! (The Road to Winterhill)

Author Adele Downs “My Family’s Heart Book Reviews and Tours did a great job on my Book Blast and I look forward to working with them again on new releases.” (Her Christmas Cowboy & Naturally Yours)

New_(animated) Additional Testimonial – “The service at My Family’s Heart gets better and better. It’s become my go-to company for book promotion.” (Into the Flames)

Author Michelle Cornwell Jordan – I highly recommend to Authors, My Family’s Heart Book Reviews & Tours for their promotional needs! The coordinators are very friendly, patient and approachable! The promotional aids are professional and look amazing and the tour stops are varied and plentiful! I fully recommend My Family’s Heart Book Reviews & Tours for your next release! (Race for the Moon)

Author Jamie Salisbury – The professionalism shown by My Family’s Heart Book Reviews & Tours was a nice touch. I’ve done tours before, but never have I had the personnel actually make sure I had all necessary information, they updated it as well as they received it.  I will definitely use them for a future book! (Encore)

AUTHOR C.A. Tibbitts – The girls at My Family’s Heart did a wonderful job on my 14-day blog tour! I was extremely happy with the number of blogs that signed up, and MFH kept me in the loop every step of the way, with great follow-up after the event was over as well.  I will be booking my future events with MFH and recommend highly to other authors! (Star Crossed Shifters)

Author Samantha Holt – Tonya is the perfect blog tour organizer. She’s enthusiastic, hard-working and strives to make your event the best it can be. What really comes across in her work is how much she loves books and authors. She genuinely wants you to succeed and this is far more than just a job to her. If you’re looking for someone who can really create a ‘buzz’ about your book then I highly recommended using My Family’s Heart Book Reviews. (To Steal A Highlanders Heart Cover Reveal)

@myfamhrtbookrvw Thanks for listing me on your blog. Your support always make me smile 🙂

— Samantha Holt (@SamanthaHAuthor) March 16, 2013

Author Trista Jaszczak – I cannot believe how wonderful my cover reveal was made by My Family’s Heart Book Reviews. I went in with the expectation that I am an author that not too many people have heard of. I expected a small handful. What I got was dozens of bloggers and post after post after post. I was completely thrilled and blown away! My reveal was bigger than I could have ever hoped for! I’m excited to work with Tonya in the future who is an absolute angel and am proud to call my friend. I would recommend her services to any author, you won’t be disappointed. I wasn’t. (The Shoe Cover Reveal)

My Family’s Heart Book Reviews and Tours cannot be matched. They are superior and work alongside you to make sure that you and your book has the best tour possible. Tonya is sure to check in with you and makes it more about just numerous blog posts a day. She works next to you and keeps a personal touch throughout the entire tour. I am sold and will definitely be booking more tours in the future and I look forward to each and every one of them! (The Shoe Book Tour)

Author Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba – Thank you so much for the reveal. You’re the greatest. You’re dedicated, nice, professional and do not hesitate to go above and beyond. These are wonderful and sadly rare qualities to find sometimes. It was a real pleasure to work with you and I’m looking forward to work on the blog tour and the other reveal later this year. (Bird Of Prey Cover Reveal)

Author Siren Allen – I loved working with My Family’s Heart Book Reviews because it was stress free. Tonya handled everything from start to finish. The number of bloggers and reviewers that participated was amazing. This tour exceeded my expectations and I will definitely tour with her again. (Lovers Unchained Book Tour)

Author J.A.Bailey – My Family’s Heart Book Reviews and Tours organized my first ever tour and it was fantastic. The process was easy and hassle free. I just handed everything over and I gained a lot of great reviews and some fantastic comments and support from the bloggers involved. The whole event was really enjoyable and I saw a nice increase in sales too. I will definitely be using them again in future and highly recommend them. (Hunting Laura Book Tour)

Author Jenn Roseton – My one day book blitz with My Family’s Heart Book Reviews was a success! I really enjoyed working with Tonya and it was wonderful to have a host who was prompt and efficient with regard to all aspects of the blitz. (Curves and the Rancher)

Additional Testimonial – Tonya takes all the stress and hard work out of organizing a blitz day promo! (Curves and the Rodeo Star

Author Chalie Teh – Tonya is so good at what she does! She’s such a nice, affable person as well! I have nothing but good things to say about her book tour services. (Don’t Just Speak Love)

Author Sarah Daltry – My event was great, because I never had to think about it. Once I signed up, I was able to focus on my release day and everything just got done. The Facebook event went up and then, the day of the release, every post was shared on the event. It was a great way to see all the posts and to make it easy for me to pop over to each blog. Since there were a lot of posts, it was also nice because I was able to thank the bloggers in one location. This made it a nice way for us all to interact without being too unwieldy for anyone. Plus, since it was a Sunday, everyone could check in when they wanted, lessening the worry about what time something went live. (Bitter Fruits)

Additional Testimonial – Thank you for making this an easy, stress-free experience for me! (Midnight Dynasty)

Author Melinda DeRoss – “In my opinion, My Family’s Heart Book Reviews is synonym to efficiency and politeness. Tonya is a wonderful tour host and has connections to many major blogs, which ensures a maximum of exposure for authors and their books. I’m looking forward to working again with My Family’s Heart Book Reviews in the future!” (Rendezvous With Hymera)

Author Nicóle Hurley-Moore – My Family’s Heart Book Reviews and Tours offers a professional and stress free service to authors. Tonya is fantastic to work with and she made my tour perfect in every way. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending My Family’s Heart Book Reviews and Tours and look forward to working with Tonya again. (Rain)

Author Lucinda Elliot – I received an excellent, efficient and friendly service from My Family’s Heart Book Reviews, more than worth the money. I would recommend it. I received reviews which were generally honest and positive, and even a free video of my book, which was a brilliant unexpected addition. Tonya’s attitude is very friendly and helpful, and the whole ambience of the tour is positive and enthusiastic. (That Scoundrel Emile Dubois)

Additional Testimonial – I have used My Family’s Heart Book Reviews for two tours and would highly recommend them for an excellent service with a personal touch and value for money. My reviewers struck me as perceptive and intelligent. (Ravensdale)

Author Anne Conley – I have worked with multiple blog tour companies, as well as done it all myself. I can honestly say that Tonya has given me more for my money than any of the others (and saved me an endless amount of time and headaches in the process). As an Independent Author, my time is precious, and My Family’s Heart Book Reviews has made the entire blog tour process as painless and time-saving as possible. Tonya is immensely professional and organized. I work with her as an author, and as a blogger with her tours and she is one of the best companies I work with, hands down. (Falling For Hope)

Author B.L. Wilde – I was blown away by the service of My Family’s Heart Book Reviews. The tour was a huge success. Tonya was friendly and efficent. She made the tour fun and effortless. Nothing was too much trouble. I would recommend My Family’s Heart Book Reviews to any author. I can’t wait to work with them again myself. (Desire – The Seductors Series #1)

Author Charity Parkerson – My Family Heart Books Reviews & Tours went above and beyond to make sure that not only was my book scheduled for the maximum number of blogs, they also went out their way to ensure people visited each stop. Before the end of the first day, I booked a second tour. I’d recommend this company for anyone looking for some exposure on their books. (Unsurpassed)

Additional Testimonial – My Family Heart Books Reviews & Tours went above and beyond to make sure that not only was my book scheduled for the maximum number of blogs, they also went out their way to ensure people visited each stop. Before the end of the first day, I booked a second tour. I’d recommend this company for anyone looking for some exposure on their books. (Heart’s Duo)

Additional Testimonial – I’ve booked several tours with Family’s Heart Book Reviews & Tours over the past year, and I’m always impressed. In fact, I haven’t used another company since finding them. (A Splash of Hope & Heart’s Beat)

Additional Testimonial – In the past six months, I’ve used My Family’s Heart Book Reviews to launch several new releases. They have great prices, amazing prices, and a wonderful selection of bloggers. They are my favorite tour company. (Unattainable)

Author Brandy L Rivers – I had an amazing experience with My Family Heart Book Reviews tour. Tonya is easy to work with, fast, and approachable. I was able to change a couple things on the fly, without hassle. The response I received to my tour was amazing. I definitely recommend the services. (Nights Embrace)

Author A.J. Best – A completely effortless and delightful experience. I only had to give details and everything was taken out of my hands and executed to perfection. A must use tool for my next book. (Forgiveness)

Author Rhonda Lee Carver – This was my first Book Blast and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Tonya was very helpful and made it easy for me. I would highly recommend My Family’s heart Book to any author. (Second Song Cowboy)

One of my all time fav book bloggers!! Tonya rocks!

Awaken via @myfamhrtbookrvw

— Author Kristen Day (@kris10_day) April 8, 2013

Author Mia Fox – It was a pleasure to work with Tonya and My Family’s Heart Book Reviews. She handled everything on my blog tour and all I had to do was sit back and enjoy the results. Not only were there bloggers writing about my books, but tons of tweets and Facebook posts as well. She’s a hard-worker and an equally sweet person! (Trust)

Additional Testimonial – “I used to toy with the idea of contacting bloggers on my own, but My Family’s Heart makes it so easy and their results are wonderful. I fill out one little form and voila…I wake up to bloggers writing about my book!” (Returned)

Author Kim Headlee – I’ve tried several tour companies, and My Family’s Heart has been the best yet! Great blogger reach, great value, great experience all around. (Snow In July)

Author Ashley Ladd – I was pleased with the blog tour I booked with My Family’s Heart. Tonya has been very communicative and helpful throughout the process. I knew every step of the way where my tour stood. Not only would I book another tour with My Family’s Heart, I have! Three more tours are booked with this agency. Cooking Up A Storm)

Additional Testimonial – My Family’s Heart Book Reviews blog helped procure several reviews and spotlights for my book Business or Pleasure. I was very pleased with the amount of effort Tonya and her staff expended on my behalf to procure bloggers and reviewers to showcase my book. They are very easy and very pleasant to work with. I will continue to book my business with MFH when I have new books release and I will recommend them to my friends. (Business or Pleasure)

Author Elodie Parkes – I used My Family’s Heart Book Reviews Blog for a new release and was so pleased with the level of exposure the tour gave my book. I will definitely use this tour company again. They are friendly, competent and dedicated. (Love at First Sigh & Cafe in the Park)

Author Victoria Zac – Tonya and Victoria are the best!! This was my first time working with My Family’s Heart Book Reviews for a two week book tour and I wasn’t disappointed. These ladies worked hard to make sure my tour ran smoothly and was successful. They’re professional; their prices are reasonable, they’re punctual in getting blog material out, and promptly answered my questions. It was a relief to me to have MFHBR, who I trust) take care of all my book tour needs. I will be using them of my next book release. ~Victoria Zak~ Writer of Scottish Medieval Paranormal Romance. (Highland Burn)


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