♥Completed Tours♥




Lip Service; Her Immortal Viking; Kissing Her Cowboy; Hook Me Up – Adele Downs
Breading His Defenses; Conflict of Interest; Graphically Novel – Allyson Lindt
The Decoy Bride; Jailed Little Jade; Delia’s Debt; Betrayed by Blood; The Murderess – Allison West
Things from Other Worlds – Anne E. Johnson
Howling Heart – April Bostic

Wonderlust; Desire – B.L. Wilde
Love & Happiness – Ben Burgess Jr.
A Saint’s Salvation; A Sailor’s Delight; Stealing Hope – Beverly Ovalle
Thigh High – Bonnie Edwards

Star Crossed Lovers; Prince of Vezule: Tallen; Shifted for Love; Christmas in D.C. – C.A. Tibbitts
Clinch; Be Witched; Break; Blow; Thrash; Hearts Chord; Unsurpassed; Heart’s Song; Heart’s Duo; Heart’s Strum; Undaunted; Heart’s Beat – Charity Parkerson
Juniper’s Princess; Zoku’s Hope; Garnet’s Queen – Chelsea O’Neal
Guinevere: Eve of Legend; Young Knights of the Round Table; Sons of the Sphinx; Tutankhamen Speaks – Cheryl Carpinello
The Ticket – Christine Schimpf
Into the Crossfire; To the Breaking Pointe – Cindy McDonald

Broken Pride; Broken City; Broken Truce – D.D. Chant
Stages & Thieves – Daniel-Claude Ngontang Mba

An American Cowboy in Scottland; Discovered; Saved by a Rake – Em Taylor
Daughter of Valor; Unexpected Assets; Never & Always – Emily Mims

Faith, Family, Friends: A Teacher’s Trek – Fred Eichelman

Enchanted Summer; The Road to Winterhill; Love in a Dangerous Season; A Bridge Through Time – Gloria Gay
My Best Friends Bride; The Borrowed Boyfriend; The House at Homecoming Cove – Ginny Baird

Beloved Enemy – Hywela Lyn

Violet Chain; Hidden Truths – J. Kahele
Unpredictable Love; Griff Montgomery, Quarterback; Pete Sebastian, Coach; Devon Drake, Cornerback; Buddy Carruthers, Wide Receiver; Al “Trunk” Mahoney, Defensive Line – Jean Joachim
The Princelings of the East – Jemima Pett
Savannah Sins – Jenna Fox
She’s Got It All – Jewel Quinlan
Designed For You – Jo Grafford
Releasing the Panther – Josette Reuel

Pan; Hook; Nerida – K.R. Thompson
Archangels & Desire – Karen Swart
Cinder’s Bride – Kathleen Ball
Kings; The Color of Vengence; Liberty; The Challenge; Mornings Journey; Raging Sea – Kim Iverson Headlee
Blind Love; The Second Wife – Kishan Paul

Ragan’s Song – L.A. Remenicky
What Lainey Sees – Laura Tobias
Highlander Redeemed; The Devil of Kilmartin – Laurin Wittig
Loving Lexi – Lisa Survillas
Ward Sisters; Just Realized – Lucy Gage

Ignighting Ash – M.A. Stacie
Colonel Brandon’s Widow and Willoughby – Marianna Green
Wicked Lustful Tales – Maria Cox
Returned; Resurrected; Alert the Media – Mia Fox
Beneath the Layers – Mia Rivers
The Balance – Michael Selden
Christmas Confusion – Monica Garry-Allen
Dawn – M’Renee Allen
Cheerleaders in Heat – Muffy Wilson

Save Me-Believe Again; One Winter; Rules of Love; Undoing The Swan Girl; A Change of Address; Amii’s Angel; Everything Anise; Sunset Surprise – Natalie-Nicole Bates
Strapping Ash; Timber Lake; The Eagle & the Fox; Cole in His Stocking – Nya Rawlyns

Dating Wars; Palace Secrets; Burning Desire; The Emerald Virgin; Grave Misfortune; Hot Blooded Lust; The Amber Voyeur – Ravyn Rayne
Knight Defender; Knight Protector – Rue Allyn
Love’s Great Plan – Regina Puckett
Stolen Art – Ruth Silver

Tempting His Mistress; Sinful Confessions; Sinful Deeds; Kissed at Midnight; Sinful Liasons; Sinful Possession; To Steal a Highlanders Heart – Samantha Holt
Recombined – Samantha Jacobey
Enemy of Man – Scott Moon
Her Alien Protector; Christmas Fantasy; Her Dream Lover; Lover’s Unchained – Siren Allen
His Temporary Fix – Sofia Grey
Corazon; Caught on Camera; For His Pleasure – Suzanne Rock
The Hunger; The Burning; One with the Darkness; One with the Shadows; One with the Night; Time for Eternity; The Companion; The Companion Bundle One; The Companion Bundle Two; The Magic’s in the Music; Do You Believe in Magic – Susan Squires

Onyx Unleashed, Granted Wishes – Tanya Vought

Pink Pucks & Power Plays; Clean Sweep; A Most Unlikely Countess – V.L. Locey
Noble Deception – Veronica Bale
Highland Fate – Victoria Zak
The Vampires House of Pleasure - Book Coverfly me EBOOK finalLies Come True - Book CoverDancingtoanIrishReel2 500x750 (1)[1]Thefixerupper800Passed The Moments - Book CoverAccepting Fate EbookLies Come True - Book CoverCrazy on you book coverFifty Shades of Jungle Fever - CoverDI EbookWarrior & Wanderer - Book CoverStitches - Book Cover SmallerDash of Desire - Book CoverVoluptuous Vindication - Book CoverBook CoverBook Cover - Bird Of PreyBook CoverStoppedCold200x300HuntingLauranewDark Fantasies - Book CoverCurves and the Rancher FinalTristaJaszczak-Loverboy-450x675 1Book Cover - Dont Just Speak LoveRendezvous Book CoverCurves and the Rancher FinalBook Cover - Strange in SkinLilysNaughtyChristmas_LRGChristmas Fantasy - CoverLiving_Separate_Lives_FINAL frontCover...Game On - Book Cover 11-20-13Book Cover - ScoundrelBorderland Bride CoverBorderland Beauty Coverpalaceoftwelvepillars1600x2400palaceofthethreecrosses333x500 (1)Somthin' Dirty - Book CoverWounded Love Book CoverBook CoverDancing on Air official imageAtTheirService_ByIslaMunro-600x900A Official School Nightz Cover February 2014 Michelle Cornwell-JordanFallingForHopeAlmost Matched-AOPeart-highThe English Officers Wife - Book CoverSanctuary of Nine Dragons 333x500MyMistakeFor Liberty - Book CoverProject Lext Front with Pink(1)The Vow CoverRavensdale - Book Coverseamydestiny600x900Restoring Lady Anna - CoverCoupleTwo Week Seduction - Book CoverStone of Destiny - Book CoverHis by SunriseTequila SunsetBeasthood - Book CoverBreaking Free - CoverLove Ties - Book CoverSecond Song - Book CoverSEAL of my Heart - Book CoverBooking Storm - Book CoverWrecked - Book CoverPerdition House - Book CoverChristmas Fantasy - CoverSnow in July - Book CoverProject Lext Front with Pink(1)Trust - Book CoverLittle Red - CoverHis by SunriseTequila SunsetTouched Sandman - Book CoverHunger - Book CoverIndigo Eyes - Book CoverAlmost A Cowboy - Book CoverSexy young couple playing in love games in a bedroom.Hollow - Book Coverperf5.000x8.000.inddWalk Into Me - Book Cover seamydestiny600x900Breaking Free - CoverFinal Cover TycoonsReluctantBrideSamanthaHolt_ToDreamofaHighlander_800 2Lady's Destiny - Cover PhotoPushinButtonsThe Deadline - Book CoverSummoned - Book CoverCruel Capers - Book CoverSEAL of my Heart - Book CoverSanctuary - Book CoverAccepting Fate EbookLondon Love - Final eCoverYes Master eBook CoverA Fairy Tale Romance - Book CoverBest Laid Plans - Book CoverShattered - Book CoverThe Zen Lounge - Book CoverFor All In The Hope - Book CoverAlert The media - Book CoverA Splash Of Hope - Book CoverFatal Fourty-Eight - Book CoverFracture - Book CoverWHTM - CoverMonarch - Book CoverBlack is the Colour CoverRace for the Moon - CoverBefore Time - Book CoverTo Avenge - Book CoverSaving Charlie - Book CoverDevotion - Book CoverHer Christmas Cowboy - Book CoverWhat Rough Beast - Book CoverRomantic Comedy - The Makeover - Book CoverKing Arthur - Book CoverBird Of Prey Cover Final ebookSpooky Sojourn - Book CoverThe Wolf - Book CoverSensual redhead womanCafe in the Park - Book CoverMacAlisters Hope - CoverShort Tales of Horror II - Book CoverTempt - Book Coverunattainable (1)Roman - Book CoverLittle Red - CoverAt His Service-Part 1 - Book CoverMountain of Love - Book CoverScandal At Almacks - Book CoverNaturally YoursFinal round 6 coverYoung woman with beautiful long brown hair posing at studio, proLove at First Sigh - Book CoverBusiness Pleasure - Book CoverHighland Burn - Book CoverSated - Book CoverWunder Series - Book CoverA Desperate Wager - Book CoverHer Men - Book CoverMidnight Dynasty - Book CoverBody Language - Book CoverStorm Mistress - Book CoverNight-Magic-eBook-Full-resolutionChaperoning Paris - Book CoverSecond Chance Hearts - Book CoverHeart_Ties-Em_Petrova-1563x2500 (2)Greater Expectations - Book CoverRain - Book CoverAlmost Matched-AOPeart-highEvadere - NewSolace-New

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