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My Family’s Heart Book Reviews & Tours is hosting a 1 day book blitz and music showcase for “School Nightz (Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy) by author Michelle Cornwell-Jordan featuring music by Cecile. The blitz will be held on March 18th and will include Spotlights, Excerpts & Music Showcase.

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A Official School Nightz Cover February 2014 Michelle Cornwell-Jordan

TITLE ~ School Nightz
SERIES ~ Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy
AUTHOR ~ Michelle Cornwell-Jordan
GENRE ~ Young Adult/Teen (15-18yrs)
RELEASE DATE ~ March 18, 2014
PUBLISHER ~ CM Media & Michelle Cornwell-Jordan
GRAPHICS ~ Amy Rooney
PHOTOGRAPHER ~ Tiffany McDonald
MUSICIAN ~ Cecile Monique


School Nightz is the entire collection of all three Night school Vampire Hunter Trilogy Novellas now available in Kindle and the brand-new Print Edition!

Angel: Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy Novella #1
Fifteen year old Dasheen Bellamy’s world is turned upside down, when she is accused of killing her father and godmother. Dasheen cannot remember the events of the night her world is destroyed, but she feels inside that she is innocent; due to lack of evidence against her and with no other family; Dasheen and her younger brother Jordan, are sent to the elusive and mysterious Ame’ Academy ; a residential school where all is not what it appears. There all goes well, until Jordan, begins to become distant and behave strangely as if he is afraid of something or someone. Jordan is transferred to Ame’ Academy’s Night School track, which is usually only open to special cases. In order to discover what is happening with her brother, Dasheen is finally allowed to also transfer, attending classes in the evening while the rest of the world sleeps. Soon Dasheen’s world changes again as she discovers that things out of fairytales and horror stories exist, that she has ancient powers and is the major player in a mystical prophecy; and then she falls in love with a boy, whose mission is to see that she is destroyed before her destiny is fulfilled

Kindred: Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy Novella #2
The Kindred is the second novella in The Night School Vampire Hunter trilogy.

Angel and her friends at Ame Academy, a boarding school for preternatural and humans are back, and they are preparing for battle against the dark forces that kidnapped Angel’s younger brother Jordan. Angel had recently discovered that she was a Hunter and that she alone has a special weapon against her enemies, her blood, which is discovered to be toxic to her enemies. Angel is prepared to use her training and all that is at her disposal in order to save Jordan, even if that means joining forces with the strange and mysterious Rafael, who at their first meeting, she recognized him as the boy she had dreamed about for weeks prior to his arrival at the school. Angel cannot shake the feeling that she knew Rafael before, and is hopelessly drawn to her extremely handsome fellow hunter.

Rafael frightens her, he hints of a secret; another time and another life lived.

Can love survive two lifetimes?

Events unfold that provides the answers to who Rafael really is and what they mean to one another; and along with these strange and blossoming emotions for Rafael, along with guilt and fear for her brothers safety; Angel discovers that she is more than just a Vampire Hunter, and that she plays a major role in a ancient prophecy, which she must fulfill by facing a force so evil that survival is not promised.

But she will face the Dark One, Angel will sacrifice all, if it means saving all whom she loves.

Many questions are answered, but the drama is just beginning…

Redemption: Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy Novella #3
The highly anticipated and surprising finale to the Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy!
Darkness fell over Ame’ Academy when Angel plummeted into the gaping twilight of the abyss. Ismet, Bella Donna, Elin and Rafael were now left to pick up the pieces.

But those that loved Angel refused to believe she was gone; so the search for her and the truth begins. Plus the clock is counting down; the Beast has escaped its pit and so the group of friends, with the help of unlikely allies must face an ancient evil, and once again face the heartache of losing someone they love, to save the world from destruction once and for all.


Meet The Musician – Cecile Monique





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